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The Remix 07-16-08 12:26 AM

This folder- anyone heard of it?
says it fits people up to 6'6" ! connections seem old style though-
Lite Ride bikes

video of it in action also on the site

what do you all think?

trueno92 07-16-08 07:04 AM

i've seen this bike in action and spoke to the owner of the company. has some pretty heavy duty clamps and brackets for the folding joints. looks pretty decent, and yes it should fit pretty large riders since its 20" wheels and all. its not the most compact when folded but should be fine for the average ride.

The Remix 07-16-08 11:42 PM

hmm- ok- not (as you all may know-) my price range at the moment- thanks (:

mulleady 07-17-08 01:15 AM

Saw the video of the owner on the website. Canada's answer to Yan Lynansky lol?

jur 07-17-08 06:58 AM

A big plus is the forward-leaning stempost. The Sette F1 has the same part by the looks of it.

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