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Rxzen 07-17-08 08:47 AM

Wealth of knowledge on this site!!!
Hello all- wanted to actually regester so I could make posts. I came to this site looking for additional info on electric bikes. I purchased a basic kit, really liked it and have a plast on the thing. Because of the issue of our buses here in Albuquerque filling up these days, also ran into a need to look into folding bikes as a means to deal with buses filling up and no place for bikes on the racks.

This forum is an absolute wealth of information! Based on the message traffic on the site and feedback for bigger ridders like myself, I decided to make my first folding bike purchase a Downtube FS and folks..I could not be happier for my first folder! Awful glad I did not start with a very low end folder. Think I would have upgraded immediatly. This bike looks great out of the box and has great value for the cost. Started to commute on it this week (8miles each way) and absolutly love it. It rolls very well and set up was very minimal. Lots of people asking whats its all about.

Please keep up the great conversations and sharing of information on this site. You have just pulled yet another member into the "The Cult of the Folding Bike"!

Best regards to all,
From the land of enchantment-Albuquerque, New Mexico:giver:

somnatash 07-17-08 08:50 AM

Hi Randy,

congrats to your downtube and welcome to the forum:thumb:
So you will soon add to the wisdom of this forum and maybe add pictures to the pootle tread I hope?

trueno92 07-17-08 08:58 AM

dude, u should check out our strida/downtube/ralliegh twenty threads. the knowledge archived here could very well warrant their own internationally visited websites.

jur 07-17-08 05:42 PM

Welcome! :thumb:

phatatude 07-17-08 06:00 PM

Come on in and stay a while...

R-20's : then there were the rest...

Speedo 07-17-08 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by Rxzen (Post 7078053)
I decided to make my first folding bike purchase ...

Yes, the addiction has set in. Reel him in! Bwaaa ha ha ha haaaaa!


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