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YESROB 05-23-10 12:51 PM

i ordered a hooligan 3 in march hopefully getting it in june

Abneycat 05-29-10 06:32 PM

Cancelled my Hooligan order. The wait is too long, and really, i've already got a tough as nails 20" bike in my Raleigh Twenty. Maybe not backflips tough, but well enough for a trail ride.

vik 05-29-10 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by austin-rider (Post 10812154)

Small wheels, a bit weird and fun to ride....sounds like my kinda bike!...:thumb::love:

Enjoy it!...:)

I can't wait until mine shows up....;)

jayfromqns 06-01-10 08:53 PM

Sweet looking bike. Enjoy it. I wonder if the fatty solo fork will fit on the hooligan?

sportmac 06-04-10 07:36 PM

similar type bike in europe

oneleft 06-04-10 10:05 PM

Azreal911 06-05-10 09:05 PM

from that bianchi site seems like they sell the birdy folder now under their name. I never knew that.

Dguy 06-07-10 07:29 AM

Another Update
I just ordered a set of Specialized 20"x2" Rhythm Lite Sport tires for my Hooligan. The Rhythm Lites have a slightly knobby, raised center ridge for pavement, but medium sized side knobbies for the dirt. For me, the stock tires (20"x1.5" Kendas) don't have enough contact with the road - On any given day I can be on a dirt road to a mountain bike trail and back to the pavement, and the skinnier Kendas just can't handle that kind of variability. I was thinking about getting the full out knobbies, but I ride more than just trails, and I hate the way knobbies thrum on the pavement. I was initially concerned about the extra weight and rolling resistance of a larger tire, but in such a small wheels those aren't major issues. If anything, I could use a little more resistance when peddling - sometimes the Hooligan is just TOO EASY to peddle for the workouts I like to get when I ride it. It is so much easier to flick around the pedals on my Hooligan than my other bikes that I have to ride farther to to get the same cardio benefit. I had to put on a pair of Egg Beaters to keep my feet from flying off the pedals, but other than that this bike doesn't require any major upgrades - it's fun right out of the box.

feijai 06-07-10 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by sportmac (Post 10914910)

I'm not the Hooligan customer. But you gotta hand it to Cannondale: the Hooligan looks far better than those nasty things.

cruiserhead 06-07-10 10:16 AM

I'm glad I searched the site for the Hooligan!
I was in the LBS yesterday and saw this bike. It was really cool! I especially like the Lefty fork style- fits the unusual look of the bike.
The only downside is that it's HEAVY. It looks much lighter than it is, so much so I thought it was a mild steel frame but I believe it is aluminum?

The flat black looks great, they didn't have that but I'm going to see about ordering it.

They also had a brand called GLOBE with a huge old school front rack- really cool for the same price.

NormanF 06-07-10 07:00 PM

I'd recommend Greenspeed Scorcher tires. They roll fast and every mini velo should have them.

NormanF 06-07-10 07:01 PM

A mini velo is a small normal frame rigid bike with 20" wheels. Its NOT a folder.

Chester 06-10-10 04:03 AM


Originally Posted by cruiserhead (Post 10924758)
The only downside is that it's HEAVY. It looks much lighter than it is, so much so I thought it was a mild steel frame but I believe it is aluminum?

The weight is a real shame (a previous poster estimated 24 lbs), because one of the reasons this bike would make sense is for those of us who have to lug bikes up/down city staircases.

NormanF 06-10-10 04:40 PM

Really? I don't see it could weigh more than a Raleigh Twenty, which is a folder.

feijai 06-10-10 06:00 PM

I saw the Hooligan 8 at REI after seeing the Hooligan 3 pics above. The 3 is SO MUCH BETTER LOOKING. Was quite surprised at the difference.

Abneycat 06-10-10 07:32 PM

There's no way it comes in at the same weight as a Raleigh Twenty, which is about a 33.5 lb bicycle stock, from my recollection of weighing mine before modding it up.

It will be a heavier bike, though. The bike is intentionally heavy duty, so that it can be played around on. I'd expect it to be about the weight that it is, personally.

Dguy 06-11-10 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by Chester (Post 10940458)
The weight is a real shame (a previous poster estimated 24 lbs), because one of the reasons this bike would make sense is for those of us who have to lug bikes up/down city staircases.

I have to carry mine down stairs and it's really not that bad - not having to maneuver big tires around corners is more important to me than carrying a few extra pounds.

Abneycat 06-13-10 12:13 PM

Surprise. I picked mine up after all! A black Hooligan 3, which i'll be taking home on Wednesday. Going to start off by throwing some On One Mary bars onto it, Ergon grips, and some Schwalbe Mow Joe 2.0 knobby tires. It'll be fun to rip around on :)

A few extra comments after having actually tried it out:

1. The gearing range is just about right in my opinion. Not too high, not too low.

2. Yes, it is quite heavy for a 20" 3 speed bicycle. But the frame is extremely thick, and presumably extremely strong to match.

3. The photos on the Cannondale website show that the 3 has a derailleur hanger. This isn't true according to my Hooligan 3, it simply has a flat dropout. This is a bit of a downer considering the tinkering I was planning to do, but an Alfine 11 should be a nice thing to throw in there later this year..

4. Tire clearance is big, big enough for Big Apple 2.35's.

5. I personally think its uglier in real life than the photos can ever portray. But its a "grows on you" ugly. Also, the silver squigglies are reflective!

sportmac 06-16-10 04:33 PM

italian mini

sportmac 06-19-10 07:19 PM

there's a couple of new minvelo's at the bottom of this page by melon bikes.

NormanF 06-19-10 08:48 PM

The Melon Crush and the Melon Grind. More true to the mini velo heritage.

Abneycat 06-20-10 11:21 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I'd been looking for a compact mini-velo or folder that would fit into my lifestyle for a fair while. I have a relatively small apartment, and don't like clutter. The apartment is in a 100 year old house with very narrow, tight staircases and so owning full sized bikes isn't much of an option. I've been looking for *1* bike (i'm an n=1 person) for a while that fits the following criteria:

1. Weather resistant. I.E. disc brakes, corrosion resistant frame, internal gear hubs, etc, because i'm OCD over rust and squeaky parts
2. Tough = fun
3. Effective for urban riding and commuting

Solution? Hooligan!

(my hooligan)

Cannondale makes the Hooligan in a bunch of different configurations, and in North America they sell 2. There's a version which has an 8 speed derailleur based drivetrain, slightly lower parts spec, and a more mundane normal bicycle fork at a lower price point,

And a 3 speed internal gear hub variant with some nicer parts, much more emphasis on style (in a good or bad way, depending on your tastes!), and a rigid lefty fork which is very Cannondale in the traditional sense = )

Opting for the internal gear hub this time around, I went with the Hooligan 3. And opting for what I personally believe to be a slight show of taste, I went for the bike in black. Honestly C'dale, the white one is pretty gaudy, IMO. Seriously bad. Proof?
I think its okay. So how does the white one look?

Well, I think it looks like a train wreck. Your mileage may vary.

So here's my short term review of the Cannondale Hooligan 3 in black.

Where can you buy one?: I Purchased mine as a special order through Bow Cycle in Calgary, AB. Available through Crack-n-fail dealers, although it isn't a bicycle that is commonly carried on the show floor directly.

How much $?: $1100 MSRP Canadian for the Hooligan 3, likely less in the U.S. The Hooligan 8 derailleur version was quoted to me as being $799 MSRP in Canada.

Some stats Can-O-Ale won't tell you for some reason: It weighs 24.9lbs stock, according to the digital bicycle scale at Bow Cycle.

A few extra goodies: It *is* rack and fender compatible, although not without some fussing. There's eyelets at the dropouts, but none up top. Fitting a front fender means going with one meant for a suspension fork, but it all seems to work out in the end.

All of those squigglies and all that writing on the frame? Well, on the Hooligan 3 in black, it's all reflective paint. Pretty snazzy, gives you a little more safety at night.

So how does it ride?

I'd describe the feel of the bike as reminding me a lot of my Dahon Mu SL. Very nimble, stable enough, and the stock equipment makes sure every little crack in the road goes right into your body as road shock = (

As it comes, it's pretty harsh to ride, but that's owing to the fact that its a stiff little bike with skinny little tires, hard grips and a relatively thin saddle. The 1.35" wide Schwalbe Kojaks really harsh up the ride quite a bit, I find. They're light and smooth, but they're not very comfortable to hit a pothole on, and given that they advertise this thing as being perfect for "long commutes on pothole filled streets", I find that a bit silly. What the Hooligan really needs is a set of big fat slicks like some Big Apples, and i'd personally recommend getting a pair. The frame should fit tires up to 2.35", after having witnessed a Hooligan with a pair of Big Apples in that size i'd say that's about the limit.

This bike *is* actually fun to do tricks on, too! Cannondale hypes it up as some kind of BMX for Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick people in the face with or something like that, I dunno. I mean, I wouldn't let Chuck near it, but maybe i'd let Bruce Willis whip it around the block a few times, because he's got the Yippie Kay-Yay. It shouldn't be confused with a true BMX, but i've been having a lot of fun hopping it around and playing around on some local trails, and it definitely has a sturdier than average frame and wheelset for an urban bike that should let the fun times roll.

P.S. Cannondale

Again, 1.35" Schwalbe Kojak tires are convenient for being fast and light and I normally like them, but in this instance, they suck. These tires aren't meant to be on a bicycle that you skid around on and hop. They're meant to be on ol' beardy's recumbent, or commuter dudes folder.

I-Motion 3 can be my new chum, because it shifts even when i'm pretending i'm captain hammer, and it doesn't feel like i'm trying to pedal an internal gear hub thats full of mud. I think that it could beat up that Sturmey Archer dude any day of the week, and its just as loud. clackclackclackclackclack... Thanks to this bit of equipment, riding is simple and fun!

Stopping is fine. I mean, they're BB5s. You aren't really getting the best, but they work pretty well, and you can do some fun skids on a moment's notice, which is fun, because I have some Schwalbe Kojaks to destroy.

Lastly, if you plan on riding in the rain, bunny hopping, or simply having a pair of pedals that last longer than a month or two, get rid of the Octupus pedals that come with the bike. They have poor grip, zero grip when wet, and the rubber on them is seemingly already wearing down. Octopus? More like Octosuck. At least they look pretty cool, and you can stick them onto corners to get the bike to stand up pretty easily.

Ride verdict? Nimble, fun, simple, but a bit harsh with the stock tires. Ditch those Octopus pedals if you want to have fun but don't want to slide off the bike and neuter / spay yourself. If thats your kind of fun, rock on!

The fit:

The Hooligan has an adjustable stem, and a lot of room on that big seatpost. I could see this bike fitting a lot of people fairly well. I am 5'10" and find that the seatpost has quite a bit of room left, 6 inches or more still to the max. extension line on the post. Of course, if you were a giant, you'd look ridiculous on this bike, but I also think that I look ridiculous on this bike too, which is okay. I haven't done any professional measurements on the frame, but in particular saddle > bars feels fairly roomy to me. I feel like its good, but a rider with shorter arms would definitely be stretched out riding this thing. The included stem is fairly long though, and you could go with a shorter one if you had to. You can also drop the seatpost down into the frame a long way, allowing you to BMX-ify the Hooligan in order to do some stupid and potentially life threatening stuff on = )


I think it looks pretty sweet, like a space bike. If there were a bike that you could get cyber goths to ride on, it would be this bike.

The cranks can sit in the corner in shame though. The anodized red on them is pretty bad, and they aren't colour matched to the rest of the anodized components on the rest of the bike. Yes indeedy.

Other things?

The chain is tensioned with an eccentric bottom bracket, and changing the rear tire is EXTREMELY easy compared to other IGH equipped bikes. There's no straightening the wheel in the frame, dealing with the wheel slipping around as you tighten it, and the SRAM hub disconnects from the shift cable as easily as a World of Warcraft addict disconnects from reality.

Again, despite them hyping it up as a bad-ass, they wussed out and threw some rack / fender mounting eyelets on, left the lefty open for a suspension fork fender and even added some reflective doodads. SHAME ON YOU, Cannon-fail. Shame on you. There are no braze ons for a handgun holster. Now, don't confuse this thing for a fully equipped touring bike with 10,000 braze ons for whatever on it, but its workable.

I personally believe that this thing has some real practical merit. I've managed to get it set up with some functional equipment, but it still has great potential for greatly silly antics, which I like.


Guilty. Guilty of being very hyped, but really just being a little old urban bike thats a little tougher.

Also guilty of being $1100, despite being equipped how a $700 normal bike would be, even here in expensive old Canada.

Also guilty of having really sucky pedals, and badly mismatched tires.

Ambiguously guilty of being just too damn weird looking.

All of that makes the evidence sound pretty damning. But really?

I LOVE THIS BIKE. Even if you don't get a lot of bike for the money, you get a lot of FUN FOR THE BIKE. At least i'm getting that, maybe you won't. In which case, it would be a bad deal, savvy?

If all you want is a compact bike, this isn't the one. You can buy a folder that weighs the same for a third of the price, and get something more compact.

But, if you want a bike to carry up to your tiny little tin can apartment and rip around in the great big world later on, actually have fun on, and maybe you're a closet cyber goth, then maybe this kind of thing is for you. Even if you're not a closet cyber goth. Its just the right blend of toy and tool for me, and it has thus far really been something that i've enjoyed a lot.

Obligatory non-scientific rating?!

Sure. 8 / 10

Downers? Minus 1 point for the tires, because they're really on the wrong bike, even if they are good tires in other instances. Minus 1 point because the octopus pedals are really the only genuine "all looks, no guts" this bike has to offer.

And the good. 4 points of pure simple fun. 2 points of practical design, which got lost along the way and somehow ended up here anyways. 1 point because I love the i-motion 3. 1 point because they tried really hard to make it snazzy, but only 1 point because the cranks are a bit off.

Final standing? I like it a lot.

Here's mine as it stands now. Changed the bars to On One mary bars (which are also good!), added a rack and a front fender. The rack pretty much seems to double as a rear fender quite well. I'm also looking into the SRAM I-Motion 9, or possibly the upcoming Alfine 11. Me and this bike are going to have a lot of fun down the road!

(Lastly, those thumbnails are just these photos. I don't know why I can't delete those thumbnails. Damned thumbnails!)

ShinyBiker 06-21-10 01:10 PM

Thanks for the detailed review, Abneycat. I appreciate you posting the weight. I know some cannondale MTBs come with suspension single forks. Any idea whether the hooligan would have it?

Abneycat 06-21-10 01:41 PM

I did measure up a few forks to the Hooligan to see what kind of length it might match up to. the rigid lefty on the Hooligan measures up just shy of an 80mm suspension corrected 26" fork. I believe it would work pretty decently with a short travel 26" suspension fork (or a longer travel 24" suspension fork) as a result. I'm planning on doing some more detailed measurements, and will post more information later on the subject.

NormanF 06-21-10 05:27 PM

Big Apples are great but if you want a faster tire, the Greenspeed Scorcher is a good compromise. Thin enough to roll fast and thick enough so the ride isn't too harsh.

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