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Shatz 08-01-08 08:24 AM

Dahon Cadenza vs. Fuji Folder
Help me decide which folder to get.

I am debating between getting myself a new 2007 Dahon Cadenza for $500 of a used full size Fuji folder for $100. I will be using the bike mostly around NYC (Manhattan and Brooklyn) to commute and run errands, eventually I would like to rebuild whichever bike I get as a road bike, keeping only the frame. Also which bike is lighter? (I live in a 6 floor walkup)


MichaelW 08-01-08 11:03 AM

The 2008 cadenza is medium weight, about 28 lbs undressed, more with rack, fenders , lock, lights etc. The compact style frame is a harder to shoulder than a traditional on but I can carry it upstairs without problems. Im not sure I could do that with a waterbottle installed.
The folded size is quite wide, I dont fold mine on a daily basis, just ride it as a regular frame.
The singlespeed version is a lot lighter (23lbs) and you can play around with 3 speed hubs, or 1x9 speed if you dont need the full MTb gearing. It is a very versatile and tough frame and you wont be disappointed if you get one.

StuAff 08-02-08 07:10 AM

+1 for the Cadenza. Just picked up an '07 myself. Smashing bike, and drop conversions are fairly straightforward- see . Chap on the forums did his own mods as well, got the weight down to 24lbs.

mulleady 08-02-08 07:25 AM

+1 Cadenza all the way. Worth every $

StuAff 08-02-08 10:06 AM

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Further to my earlier post, see this thread, plenty of useful info. Picture of converted bike attached- looks very nice. Thinking about putting drops on mine....

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