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jim27 08-03-08 07:37 PM

handlebars to sit upright on a Swift
I've just started riding again after about 20 years. Older and heavier at 64, I have a problem with pain in my palms from trigger finger (Dupuytren's contracture) surgery. It seems as though I need to sit very upright to relieve discomfort brought by the pressure of leaning forward. I've replaced the stock bars with Nitto Promenades, which while very nice bars, they seem to be about a hand length too short and/or two to three inches too low. Jur has mentioned how he started upright and became comfortable leaned over, but if he or someone else found a comfortable setup before experience taught them a better position, I'd appreciate the help.

Dynocoaster 08-03-08 08:34 PM

possibly the dimension trekking bar?

jur 08-03-08 08:34 PM

Perhaps the best option would be to get an adjustable stem and set it to max upright setting.

Another option is to get a piece of aluminium tubing (from Aircraftspruce), 1 1/8" OD, 1"+ID, then make your own stem riser from it as I did, and finish off with as short as possible stem you can get. That will let you sit as upright as you want.

You could also think about getting some comfortable grips, such as the Ergon ones with integrated bar-end; this will allow more hand positions, spread the load over the palm; while resting on the bar-ends will allow you to put the pressure on the outer edge of the palm, where it can bear it.

jim27 08-07-08 08:58 AM

Both suggestions seem good. I appreciate the input.

Although making my own stem riser sounds appealing, I would probably need some photos to see how to proceed. I think the first thing I'll try is an adjustable stem and go from there. Jur's suggestion for bar ends has me thinking that handlebars that come back at 30-45% like the kind on the older 3 speeds might work with bar ends.

Anyway, when I get more done and figure out how to download some pics, I'll send those along. Again, thanks for the input.

cooker 08-07-08 09:19 AM

If you're going to sit upright, also look into getting a wider, springier seat, as you will be sitting more heavily on it.

To see what I mean, try this right now: Sit bolt upright in your chair, and pay attention to how much pressure your feet are putting on the floor. Now lean forward 45 degrees. You will probably feel more weight on your feet - that means less on your butt.

noteon 08-07-08 09:20 AM

I haven't received mine yet, so I don't have an opinion to pass along, but maybe a Delta Ergo would be worth looking at.

jur 08-07-08 02:59 PM

You could also install some higher riser bars on it; Nashbar has one.

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