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veggie_lover 08-05-08 12:11 AM

Importance of a speedometer
I been cycling around 3000 miles and recently bought a cheap Schwinn speedometer. I am amazed by how useful this gadget is. Basically it has taught me it is faster if I bike in lower gears. I have a Dahon D7 and always put it in gear 6 and 7 for speed, but the speedometer tells me I get max. efficiency in gears 4 and 5.. I encourage others to make this $9 investment from amazon! I wonder how else I would have figured this out without it?

snafu21 08-05-08 12:25 AM

It's called 'spinning'. Prof Jur will be along in a mo with more info. Since I read about it here, I'm a much less fatigued cyclist.

The other useful accessory for urban street cycling is a car satnav with street mapping and voice direction. Pop it in your back pack, and listen to the voices.

My Tomtom purports to be able to do 'cycle routing', with varying success, but it's good in cities like London - as long as you can hear the thing above traffic.

mrbrown 08-05-08 01:41 AM

Yes, I also started spinning a lot more since I had my speedos installed (the cyclocomputer, not the swimming trunks).

I used to cycle at really high gears. Until the speedo told me I was getting better efficiency and speed at the lower gears.

EdYago 08-05-08 01:54 AM

Speedo-meter. =)

migjet 08-05-08 07:08 AM

Hello all! I have the schwinn speedometer and it is very helpful. Their is much less work on the lower gears as snafu mentioned. The GPS is next!

Indie 08-05-08 08:33 AM

Since the first time I rode an adult bike with more than one speed, I've known that I go faster in low gear. Resistance is lower and I can keep it up longer, too.

I'm fascinated by the idea of bike GPS -- we use GPS in the car and we love it -- but I'm skeptical about GPS companies' ability to map out all the park trails and MUPs as well as actual streets and roads.

gdh81 08-05-08 02:26 PM

What we need is a good GPS tracking program for GPS equipped cell phones. Then for folks to turn on the tracking system while they ride, and upload the paths to a website. Actually, I think what I just described already exists. But google maps needs to get on it. They have public transit paths and walking paths on there, but not bikes yet.

Back on topic, I've noticed with the 3 speed that I can go for days in 2nd gear and still make good progress. Good to know that there's some science and reason to it and not just my perception. I'll have to check out more about how to maintain maximum efficiency.

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