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Indie 08-05-08 08:22 AM

Golden oldie aches and pains and gripes
I'm not the golden oldie, the bike is. (Although she's only a year older than I am.) See my sig and avatar. Do any of you owners of vintage folders have trouble getting parts?

My wheels are 20 x 1 3/8". I had to hunt for a while to find tires, and they weren't cheap. (That said, I love them -- Intense Micro Knobby BMX tires, made for hard-packed surfaces, so they're fast on roads and can grip dirt paths as well.)

I think I've just blown a tube, because the rear isn't holding air anymore. It's probably a pinching issue. I'm going to check out the shop where I got the tires, but I'll also look at BMX shops for thick-walled tubes.

The pinching is probably going to be an extra-serious issue with the steel rims, because I've been told they probably aren't rated for the same pressure as modern tubes and tires. I hope I don't have to get the rims replaced anytime soon, although I'm afraid they might be out of round or maybe dinged in a way that I can't see with an amateur eye.

I'm also in the market for brake shoes, and the Kool Stop Continentals (in salmon, for wet weather) look like they'd be perfect with their simple threaded studs and short pads, but nobody seems to carry anything but the Eagle 2 around here.

I'm afraid I'll have to get a credit card again. :mad: After I paid the last one off I decided I never wanted another one, but if I have to order things online instead of getting them locally, I'm going to need one. Of course, this is compounded by the fact that I'm in Canada, and ordering from the US is out of the question because of the brokerage fees.

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