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gringo_gus 08-12-08 03:39 PM

calling SOCAL folks
hi there this very speculative, and probably an impossible ask, but I am staying tonite at 425 W Katella in Anaheim en route to London, does anyone know of a nearish LBS I can scope before I checkout tomorrow? Have tried searching via the web, but not all lbs's are mentioned....

v6v6v6 08-12-08 03:48 PM

Have you already tried Google Maps?,0.30899&z=12

Sorry, don't know much about the OC area. Otherwise, if you're able to make a trip down to Laguna Beach there's the Electric Cyclery which stocks a good variety of folders (compared to regular shops).,0.617981&z=11

beale 08-13-08 03:20 PM

nekohime 08-14-08 12:58 AM

Will there be time for a little pootle in between business? :D

werewolf 08-16-08 09:13 AM


Originally Posted by nekohime (Post 7269889)
Will there be time for a little pootle in between business? :D

Hey, watch it feller. This isn't the Butt Buddy thread.

gringo_gus 08-16-08 09:59 AM

sorry folks, am back in the UK now... I did have my DT mini with me, but it was cartoned for the trip home, so no pootling. Crikey it was hot, too...

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