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mjlnyc 08-14-08 06:07 PM

Accessories for the Downtube Mini
I just ordered a pair of 2009 Downtube Minis and can't wait to get them! I am not a cycling enthusiast, and I realize a lot of the info I am interested in may be scattered throughout other threads. But I thought it might be helpful to start a thread which centralizes information about accessories for the Downtube Mini. Here are a few things I am currently interested in:

Quick-release seatpost rack
Some kind of luggage system for the front of the bike

If you have and are happy with any or all of the the above for your Downtube Mini (and the fold of your bike isn't compromised), can you please share:

1) Where you got it
2) How hard it is to attach - I would prefer to be able to attach it myself with a few basic tools

If you have other accessories for the Mini that increase your enjoyment of this bike, please share info about them here.

Thanks very much. I hope the weather in NYC is good this weekend so we can take our bikes for some good long rides!

Dynocoaster 08-14-08 07:13 PM

Did you check the accessories on Downtube's site? They have a rack that attaches to the seatpost and a short front fender.

newjag2003 09-07-08 11:49 AM

have you found the accessories you mentioned above?
i'm also looking for a kickstand, front and/or rear rack for my downtube mini..

dschwarz 09-12-08 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by newjag2003 (Post 7418793)
have you found the accessories you mentioned above?
i'm also looking for a kickstand, front and/or rear rack for my downtube mini..

The bike has a sort of integrated kickstand, which comes into play when you fold the frame in half. I usually park my bike in the apartment by folding the frame into a "V" and letting it rest on the integrated kickstand + the two tires.

I'm going to get some Dahon 16" fenders for my Mini, and I'm going to try to adapt a Dahon rack for the mini. It doesn't have all the places to attach the rack. I've heard that zip-ties or P-clips will do the trick. We'll see.

Sammyboy 09-12-08 08:46 AM

I have a QR seatpost rack on my Mini, one of the Axiom range, and I find it excellent. Note that in the first picture, you can see the Ortlieb Quick Release attachment for the Office Bag 2 (the briefcase in the other 2 pics). This is not part of the standard rack:

Urbanis 09-21-08 08:05 PM

Hey Sammyboy, how does the QR seatpost rack work? Does the entire thing come off or do you leave the clamp on? If so, does that interfere with collapsing the seatpost rack when folding?

Urbanis 09-21-08 08:09 PM

Question about accessories: I have two Downtubes, a Mini and an 8H, and I can't find a decent waterbottle system to use with them. Because the downtube to which the cage attaches is close to horizontal, the bottle has to be a snug fit or it flies out. The only bottles I've found that fit are the ubiquitous soft plastic waterbottles with the pull-up spigot. Unfortunately, those bottles when horizontal tend to leak out the seam where the cap screws on to the bottle. Has anyone else had this problem and come up with a decent solution?

jur 09-21-08 09:40 PM

No, can't say I have had bottle leakage probs... but I have stopped using the various sugary drinks in favour of plain water; any leakage or drops would leave a sticky mess of dried drops on the bike. Plus I didn't find any advantage to sugary drinks, just disadvantages.

But no constant leakage, just the few drops now and again.

Sammyboy 09-22-08 06:03 AM

The whole thing comes off, but I tend simply to loosen it to lower the seatpost, then retighten it.

Urbanis 09-24-08 11:05 PM

Hi Sammyboy, for the seatpost rack, it looks like you have the QR Tracker LX (, correct? I was thinking of getting an Ortlieb suitcase to go with it ( Do you think this would work with the Mini? I need a decent biccyle-friendly suitcase for weekend/longer trips.

Sammyboy 09-25-08 01:23 AM

The briefcase I have on there is the Ortlieb Office Bag 2, which I believe uses the same fitting system. It works just fine, and I like it a lot. I don't see any reason why a Shuttle wouldn't. /

gringo_gus 09-25-08 03:25 AM

sammy, did you get your rack/case in the UK? And I have a different rack and no matter how tight I have it I get side to side wobble - do you ?

gringo_gus 09-25-08 03:29 AM

Ok, there are gazillions out there, sorry, but interested in the wobble problem. But, btw, I followed your advice to get a mini when in the US and bring home, so glad I did. What a great bike. The mercton is gathering dust, heading ebay way I fear...

Sammyboy 09-25-08 05:17 AM

Yes, I did buy it in the UK, from Wiggle. My rack developed a wobble too, but I discovered it has about 4-6 screws which hold the actual rack to the beam. I tightened them down, and the problem went away. What might be needed for yours is harder to guess, unless you post a picture?

gringo_gus 09-27-08 07:57 AM

sammy I have orders a rack like yours, let me try that and get back to you. BTW, whats it like hill climbing with all that stuff, I mean, are there issues keeping the front wheel on the ground ? Am asking because I have a vision of my mini as a 21st century raliegh shopper, putting baskets etc on for carrying heavy cargo locally (ie bottles of beer from aldi, spuds, books from the Oxfam shop etc etc).

Urbanis 09-27-08 10:28 AM

Does anyone on this forum have the Downtube Rack Pack Trunk B184 ( I'm not sure what the capacity is (I emailed Yan for the dimensions), but at $35, it's certainly a lot less than an Ortlieb suitcase and may be sufficient for my traveling needs if it's large enough.

gringo_gus 09-27-08 11:51 AM

yeah I do have a trunk, and here is my analysis.

Good: Price. And in the side pockets of the trunk are mini, but quite spacious panier bags that unfurl. A a real bonus. I was really pleased, thought it good value.

Not so good : And this may be to do with my rack rather than the turnk - the fastenings are velcro two underneath side to side and one end to end. They're not long enough to go under the beam of the rack, but the rack doesn't let me loop any other way. This is the rack, btw, which I bought because it was quite small. If you have a different one it may be OK.

Its a bit adhoc but here are some pics of the trunk, hung over my daughters climbing frame, with the nearest article to hand for scaling:

sorry if this is a bit incoherent, I have consumed from several of the scaling articles. But overall a good deal if you are happy with the fixings.

Sammyboy 09-28-08 11:17 AM

I didn't have any problems in normal use with the front wheel. There is, however, a very steep hill coming from the station near my house, the only hill where I ever use 1st gear on my IXFS, and on that hill, I had to be conscious of the front wheel. It was completely controllable, but if I'd wanted to pull a sweet wheelie - no problem. With a front rack too (one of the little ones), you could distribute weight better.

gringo_gus 09-28-08 02:54 PM

cheers sammy. Hmm, frontrack, good idea...

Sammyboy 09-28-08 04:39 PM

See RHM's bike (I think)

gringo_gus 09-29-08 01:40 PM

OK, will check. Got the QR rack tonite, now I got to kit it up. The dowtube trunk would do, but all kinds of possibilities open now...

gringo_gus 10-06-08 10:22 AM

this is my 2009 mini racked, panniered, and beered up. There is more liquid in the panniers - to be honest while I appreciated the gearing when loaded, I felt very much at the limits of tolerances, and will probably get some smaller panniers. Had a bit of rack wobble, as you can see in the rear view picture.

I went to aldi to buy bike stuff, there was nothing I liked but I didn't want to cause offence.

jur 10-06-08 04:21 PM

Gus: What blemish is there on your Mini?

vincentnyc 10-06-08 05:41 PM

I see the downtube mini has no kickstand. I know some1 here already stated once it is folded, you can use the middle thingy for kickstand. But what if u still want a kickstand for unfolded? Any1 here who own a downtube and has a kickstand or know what kickstand out there are compatible with the downtube mini? Links woud be great.

LittlePixel 10-06-08 06:20 PM

Pretty much all kickstands fit in basically the same way.
You'll want a short one because the wheels are little. (so the bike doesn't topple).

Maybe try Google (I find this clever tool can often answer my queries before pestering everone with questions) with a search using carefully chosen terms like 'kids', 'bike' and 'kickstand'.

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