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Calumet King 08-14-08 08:41 PM

A Gift folding bike
Hey I'm in the market for a folding bicycle for my older brother that lives in bloomington. He has a really small apt. that has a bed/living room a small kitchen even smaller bathroom and it's just cramped. I'm trying to find him a decent quality bike that isn't too exspensive. I know i'm going to throw a couple hundo into it but i don't mind. What good or decent quiality folding bikes are there and their prices? Any links would be sweet.

mulleady 08-15-08 01:35 AM

Hi Calumet, welcome to the forum.

If on a budget then the Downtube Mini is the best. See the forum review
The Mini is the green bike in the pics.

The 2009 model even has an improved fold as the handlebars now fit in between when folded. It also has 8 speed hub gearing which is lower maintenance and easier for commuting. The Mini would easily fold small enough for your brother's flat.

jur 08-15-08 03:14 AM

How tall and heavy is dear bro?

Calumet King 08-15-08 01:37 PM

he's about 5'10 to 6' even and 175-185.

jur 08-15-08 02:31 PM

Look at the Downtube range. Your best bet. The 2009 Mini comes specially recommended.

folder fanatic 08-15-08 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Calumet King (Post 7274879)
......I know i'm going to throw a couple hundo into it but i don't mind. What good or decent quiality folding bikes are there and their prices? Any links would be sweet.

Dahon Boardwalk S1 at $220.00, it is a real nice 20 inch bike. It has a simple single speed, steel frame for customizing if needed, and a nice deep color. I have had mine approuching 5 years now and never regretted my purchase. For purchase, see a local bike shop. For ideas, see my Website series below:

If gears are needed, buy the Speed D7. It is still under 500 dollars.

Calumet King 08-15-08 03:45 PM

Alright thanks a bunch for your help I'm sure my brother will be happy with whatever I buy him.

timmmahhhh 08-18-08 09:32 PM

Folding Bike for a College Student and Region Rat
Hey CalKing - greetings from a former fellow Region Rat who moved to Glen Ellyn to follow a career. I lived in Chesterton for 11 years.

Most folding bikes come in 20" wheel but there are several that come in 26" as well. Bike Friday claims their 20" wheels do not affect performance unless you regularly go over I believe 28 mph or something unusual for a casual rider.

Knowing that you're close to Chicago you might consider getting a Dahon with the F.I.T. Stem. That is a handlebar that is not only adjustable but removable. This keeps the bike as flat as possible for both storage in a dorm or a trunk, and for on-train travel. I have a Dahon Jack - this is a 7-speed I bought at Dan's Bike Shop in Berwyn. This ran me just under $500 with tax.

A really great store to shop for Folding Bikes is Rapid Transit Cycle Shop on North Avenue. They carry about five brands, more than any store I know of anywhere. Bike Friday, Dahon, Brompton, and they claim Strida though I've never seen one at their store.

If you want to ever take it on the South Shore you can but it MUST be in a bag. They are pretty nasty about this. Dahon makes a bag called the Bolso that you can wear like a backpack. Some praise it, others find it awkward. I personally have a bag from Bazooka Sports that I like because the bag folds up and clips to your handlebars.

Bazooka Sports makes a good folding bike. Your user sounds like he is light enough for a folding bike. One thing I llike about Bazooka is that the handlebars have a stem that fits into a gasket into the bike frame that locks the two folded halves of the bike together, something I wish the Dahon did. But you can only order in the mail so unless you are confident you know his frame size you want be careful.

Finally if compactness is key and you don't mind a single speed take a look at the Strida. If you go to their site I know the dealer in Oak Park has some in stock - you can find them at the web site. And there are some pretty cool videos on YouTube.

Good luck!

Lalato 08-20-08 05:45 AM

I was just in Rapid Transit yesterday test riding. They currenly have Bike Friday, Birdy, Strida, Dahon Mu or Curve available for test ride. They had a Brompton last week, but it is sold out.


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