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Jessica 08-15-08 04:46 PM

what to keep and what to replace: Dahon
I was really jonesing for a Strida or CarryMe when I was facing a vacation in another state. However, now that I have come home (and spent all my disposable income), not so much.

I do need to put a little money into the bike...
I have a Dahon Boardwalk (7 speeds) which is beginning to show it's age...
the pedals don't match, I have used up two pair of folding pedals already. I replaced one of them with a standard pedal.
I put one of the pedals in wrong, and now either have to machine the pedal or replace the crank arm to get it changed.
I still am an Athena, so replacing the whole bike would mean getting a new special built rear wheel.

Maybe next year, after some of the weight goes away (just started WeightWatchers...)

old_school_dave 08-15-08 05:26 PM

Hi Jesssica,

Was it the left-hand pedal? Last night I wast trying to get mine off, and it would not budge. And I even went into the job knowing about the reverse threading on the left! Well, after an application of heat, hammer, and frustration, it finally came loose. I'm just asking because for a while I was sure the pedal was cross-threaded, but it just needed some persuasion. ;)

I would recommend getting the pedal off and getting a pair of the suntour folding pedals back on. Having folding pedals sure makes the fold a lot better. I just added mks pedals with the quick release, but I think thor sells the stock ones for $30 or something like that.

Send me a PM if it's your right side pedal, as by strange occurrence I may have two of them around here. I live east of sacto., so it's nice to meet you, neighbor!

datako 08-16-08 09:04 AM

If you are going to take pedals off, it's worth investing in a proper pedal spanner. It makes a huge difference.

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