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Fairmont 08-16-08 02:21 PM

Probably a really old question: Do folding bikes go on airplanes for free?
I'm thinking of flying from Atlanta to Melbourne, Florida. I can go for free almost anytime I want.

I love surfing, but living in Atlanta makes it a bit of a challege to say the least.

And driving 500 miles takes 8 hours, is boring, and runs about 150 bucks in gas. However, since a gazillion of my neighbors work at Delta, they always offer buddy passes (free flights). Since Delta has about seven flights a day to Melbourne, it's easy to get on standby and go.


Do folding bikes fly free, or does one get charged to fly them?


vogtro 08-16-08 03:43 PM

This question is subjective to whatever model you have. Some folders are small enough, others are not. Nonetheless, if you can break it down and put it into a luggage bag/case that is 62" total (L+W+H) you can take it on the plane. Yet some airlines are now charging $15 for each checked bag, so you could be charged at least that anyway.

cheg 08-16-08 03:48 PM

I have not been charged but they really can't tell it's a bike, it fits in a standard suit case. There are two issues. Sometimes there is a specific charge for bikes so if they know it's a bike they can charge you for it. The other is weight. Most airlines charge extra for for bags over 45 or 50 lbs. and with the bag, the bike, tools, etc. it's not hard to get to that level. I fly so much that I have elite status so they don't charge me for overweight but otherwise they could. Also there is a checked bag size limit which is generally L+W+H < 62" to avoid extra charges so check the size of your case. Now some airlines are charging for checked bags of any size.

vogtro 08-16-08 03:51 PM

As is shown in cheg's Link, the Samsonite Oyster 29" suitcase is a popular choice and has a good balance between durability, price, and meeting the size requirement.

old_school_dave 08-16-08 04:55 PM

This one is pretty good too...

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