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pedrotronic 08-19-08 04:25 AM

Please help me: Dahon Curve SL 2007 or Dahon MU P8????
Hello, I want to buy a folding bike and I'm interested in these two models:
Dahon Curve SL 2007
Dahon MU P8

I want it to use only on streets (go to the work combining the the train too, about 2-3 miles everyday); I'm 5.74ft and weight about 209 pounds...Which is better??? In that price, Are there another bike better????

Diode100 08-19-08 07:08 AM

They are both excellent bikes. One has 16'' wheels and one has 20'' - quite a big difference in the folded size and ease of carrying. They are both mainstreme Dahon models, most dealers should have them, why not go and do a comparison, it's the best way to find out which you feel more at home on.

Dynocoaster 08-19-08 08:36 AM

Both nice bikes, the SL is about three pounds lighter.

Joako 08-19-08 10:06 AM

Are they still selling the 2007 Curve SL?

Tommy C 08-19-08 10:18 AM

Curve or Mu
I was in a same situation a few weeks ago and decided to go with the Mu.... I have to say that i did put them side by side at the shop when folded and the Mu wasn't much bigger than the Curve, the big difference was the wheels and for me a few centimeters isn't such of a big deal. IMHO The Curve will be nicer for commuting, the Mu is more of a real bike just smaller.... it will serve you better for long and fast weekend rides, don't get me wrong, the Mu has a great side for its class.... if you are talking about 2007 models i have got the 2007 Mu P8 and it is a super fast touring bike with 8 speeds the 2007 Curve Sl has 5 speeds, the 2008 has 8.
You can't really go wrong with either one..... if you are planning to use the bike mostly for commuting i would say Curve, if you want a better all-around bike get the Mu IMHO.


pedrotronic 08-19-08 10:33 AM

Joako in my country (Spain) yes, that model still on sale; everybody, thanks for all :)

brakemeister 08-19-08 02:23 PM

wow.... you stuill have 07 Curve SL over there...... they need to be quite a bid cheaper than the 08 Sl 's but if you can find them they should be a bargain indeed....


Joako 08-19-08 06:41 PM

Thanks pedrotonic. They are very hard to find in the USA. I think I will just buy another Curve or a Mini.

pedrotronic 08-21-08 10:17 AM

brakemeister, the 07 Curve SL is more expensive than P8...just a bit, 60$; I supposed the model is better than P8 or, at least, it should be better

Tommy C 08-21-08 10:52 AM

it's hard to call it better
both bikes are great, have not tried the Curve SL but the MU P8 is a sweet ride... if you are planning some long trips the MU is a better choice IMO. The Curve SL would be (maybe) easier to carry.... I have to mention i have test ridden the Curve D3 and it was very nice for short rides while for me living in Toronto 3 speed folder wasn't enough.... the 2007 Curve SL equipped with the SA 5 speed hub so it should be a pretty sweet ride.
My only concern with the Curve was how to fix a flat if i am in a middle of nowhere, with the Mu there is a QR and all i need is an extra tube and i can work on the other tube at home, while with the Curve (and i am not sure about the front wheel) the real wheel doesn't have QR... well you can always catch the bus and do the work at home.... but if i am on a long weekend ride, the last thing i want is to spend time on flats.
While at the shop my wife tried to carry the Curve D3 and the Mu P8 and i have to mention she managed to carry the Mu WAY better than the Curve, first it is slightly lighter and second it has a shorter frame and the rear hub pulling down the rear wheel... (gravity, go figure).... she had to use some power in order to keep it close to her hip.... now this was the D3 and the SL maybe a totally different story.

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