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vincentnyc 08-24-08 12:34 PM

ship to my office
great forum btw....i have decided to get the dahon boardwalk for my first bike. i want to ship it to my office. when u guys get this u need to do any assembly or it is already built and all u need ot do is unfold it? if assemble, how easy or hard it is? and does it come with any wrench or anything when u get the bike for assembly? thx in advance.

Dynocoaster 08-24-08 02:02 PM

Take it to your LBS and have them put it together and make all adjustments. Or get some bike tools and put it together yourself and get instructions for adjustments. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your first of many folders. LBS local bike shop.

Joako 08-24-08 03:46 PM

Don't know about the Boardwalk, but I bought a D7 and a Curve D3. Both came almost fully assembled. I just had to install the seat post, one pedal, and pump the tires. Take it to a dealer to "active" the warranty (I don't know how they "activate" if they can't find out).

brakemeister 08-24-08 04:15 PM

you really should have a little multitool and a pump anyway .... the only other thing you need is an open end 15 mm wrench for the pedals ...(cone wrench will work although I prefer more beef )


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