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timo888 09-07-08 06:10 AM

More front suspension
I cannot read the name on the front fork in this photo. Anyone know the make?


chagzuki 09-07-08 06:12 AM


griftereck 09-07-08 06:12 AM

Looks like RST

I have broken my RST forks on my Virage MTB.
well a car broke them

chagzuki 09-07-08 06:17 AM

They look like the 200K children's fork. I was thinking of trying to fit them to my Dahon at one stage before I realised that Dahon headsets are incompatible with non-dahon forks.

datako 09-07-08 09:56 AM

You'd get better quality suspension from a fatter tyre than from one of those RST forks

itsmoot 09-07-08 11:13 AM

That R20 belongs to a forum member here, cheg. You might want to PM him to see how well it performs.

I use a similiar setup on my Swift for the Katy trail. It looks like a Maxxis Ringworm or Hookworm tire on the front, 1.95" width, 100psi max. I'm guessing cheg keeps it around 60-75psi to smooth out road buzz. Using a shock in addition takes the edge off larger drops and potholes, and helps prevent snakebite flats. The front is pretty bombproof so I'd assume the smaller rear tire has a puncture protection like kevlar.

Just a guess anyway.

jur 09-07-08 04:47 PM

I have a pair of RST 200K forks on my R20. The earlier version came with bolted crown so that I could cut the stanchions down to get the right geometry, unlike the linked pic above which leans over backwards, as does LittlePixel's.

As for the quality of the forks, I am super surprised by their performance, very plush indeed but still damped so no bobbing when putting the hammer down. Minor bobbing when standing up a hill but I have thought long and hard about it, I have reached the conclusion that is one case where suspension does not suck away power.

So all n all, I don't think I would have gotten better performance from any other fork out there. The R20 is without any doubt my most comfortable plush bike. (I could be lucky that I got a good one.)

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