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Barato 09-16-08 09:49 AM

Who knows? Brompton
Where is the best place to buy a Brompton on the net?. I live in sweden and I īve seen
but Idonīt know.
Any suggestions?

somnatash 09-16-08 10:06 AM

I (in Germany) have bought Brompton parts several times from
and was always pleased with service, delivery time and packaging.

folder fanatic 09-16-08 10:10 AM

From Brompton's Official Dealer Locator:

Dealer Name Address Directions
GSC Trade AB Stora Nygatan 20, S 111 27 Stockholm


Barato 09-16-08 10:43 AM

Yep I Know about the swedish dealer, but the price...

LittlePixel 09-16-08 03:07 PM

Ebay is good for 'unwanted presents' (a lot never get used beyond a few miles). Also - there's Kinetics in Glasgow who are good for the bespoke versions.

But Avon Valley (the Folding people are usually good to deal with (though they haven't replied to my 'do you stock Moulton Mudguards? email') on the phone or with email.

mulleady 09-16-08 05:00 PM

I second Somnatash on SJS. See:

They are very good for shipping abroad too.

MrEcke 09-26-08 04:45 AM

Barato, I also live in Sweden (Lund) and recently bought a Brompton from

Great service and speedy delivery. And you get the kevlar tyres and a cover included in the price. The price in Sweden also forced me to buy the bike from the uk, even if I normally support my LBS.

Barato 09-29-08 02:11 PM

Thx! nice tip. Ill try to buy there. Here in Stockholm is imposible. Too expensive.

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