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CrimsonEclipse 09-17-08 08:18 PM

Travel case trailers and their bikes. (questions)
I recently shoehorned a Speed P8 into a Sampsonite 28" hard side suitcase.
Its measurements are just under 62" and total weight at 47.5 lbs (airline limits 62" and 50 lbs)
There was actually enough room for a camel pack, tools and a water bottle (included in the weight). Disassembly and assembly was a major hassle.

When for a ride at the airport, it occurred to me that all I needed was a trailer and I would have cycled myself home. Yes, I know several of you guys have done it and I can buy the trailer part at the Bike Friday website (for $265?!).

So, in the short term, I'd like to add a similar t-type trailer (but hopefully cheaper) with the intention of upgrading the bike in the next 6 months.

1. Where can I get a t-type trailer attachment that isn't so expensive (but still portable)?

The second part is a bit more involved. Which bikes will fit into a 28" upright? The 20" Bike Fridays will fit into a 31" upright. So I now have to decide which bike.

Quick folding is no longer a requirement, small folding is. A Brompton would be nice, as would a 16" wheeled Bike Friday. I'd also like to use a BF Pocket Expedition but I think that space may be a problem. I'll be touring out of country and possibly some off road (optional). Gearing for steep grades is also a requirement. I'm also open to other manufacturers.

Finally, I know some of you have not been charged with a 31" upright. I am not willing to take that risk. With American based airlines skimping more and more, they are watching closer, so I'm planning ahead. The best way to travel these days is 1 checked and 2 carry on. Remember, on the longer flights, and oversized charge can be over $300.

Thanks for any help, sorry being so long winded.


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