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badmother 09-18-08 01:56 AM

Dahon Curve worth 500?
I can buy a new Dahon curve for 500,-. 16" tyres. Said nothing about gears and so on. Is it worth the price? Small fold? Said to be less than 12 kg

PDR 09-18-08 06:21 AM

That sounds like the asking price of the Curve SL not the D3

Lalato 09-18-08 07:21 AM

I agree with PDR. That sounds like possibly an SL which sells for about $900 in the US. If it's a D3, it's grossly overpriced.


mroli 09-18-08 08:02 AM

You should be able to do a lot better than that - as a search on ebay:

I think the Curve is felt to be a good bike...

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