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orange00 09-19-08 12:44 AM

For fun, Tyrell SV ORANGE
Actually it's my first non-full susp. bike.
It like color of the frame, color of the wheel....Fianlly I took it home.

Raxel 09-19-08 07:45 AM

A white AM7 wheelset? :twitchy:

orange00 09-19-08 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by Raxel (Post 7501457)
A white AM7 wheelset? :twitchy:

According the text print on the rim, YES. You are right. It's new color of AM7.

orange00 09-22-08 11:03 AM

Finished the assembly
I think my body is most air resistance part on the bike
I only upgrade 2 part, this is one of them

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