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AL-Q 09-19-08 04:56 AM

Badly need accessories for my MU SL
I've been riding my mu for over a month now in new york city.I ride about 25 miles a day 5 days a week. Recommendation needed.
1) I have a Biologic saddle thats not comfortable.I purchased the Spongy Wonder seat which I am returning which is worse than the biologic.
2) I connected Avenir cage to the removable pedals. Problem is the pedals are to narrow for my feet and so my sneakers are on the part that you push in when removing the pedal.At times the pedals come off while pedaling. Are there wider pedals out there that are removable.
3) Tires I have the Schwalbe Marathon Racers. I love to have 1 inch tires. I would guess new rims will be needed.
4) Computer to measure distances thats wireless

Suggestions to 1 or all welcomed
I look forward to hearing from my foldup Family


Sammyboy 09-19-08 05:05 AM

Brooks Saddle

datako 09-19-08 05:44 AM

I reckon most seat discomfort problems come from seats that are too soft and too low.

Replacing Marathon Racers with narrower tyres isn't going to help comfort issues either.

brakemeister 09-19-08 07:56 AM

Interesting about the saddle.. The Mu SL comes with the Kore SGD I Beam type top and a Kore I beam saddle ..... do you have a different seatpost to run the regular biologic saddle ?

tires ... simply said the wider the more comfort.... however you have short V brakes and you need longer v brakes to run 20x 2.0 big apples .... everything up to 20 x 1.75 works well ..TYhe bike comes with Kojaks which are 20 x 1.35 you can rplace them with Stelvios in 20 x 1 18 for a narrower tire.

all tires will fit the rim

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