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Sirrus Rider 09-19-08 02:01 PM

R20 Musings
I've noticed on my personal R20 that the 20 X 1.75 tire its a very tight fit in the front fork as in there is just enough clearance for the width of two credit cards between the tire and the left and right fork blades. Is there a 20 X 1.5 or 20 X 1.0 tire that would give more clearance?

Sirrus Rider 09-21-08 12:49 AM

Thread nudge.. Anyone??

jur 09-21-08 02:01 AM

Ok, check out the 20" Primo Comet range. Well priced, excellent rolling resistance, compliant ride. Fit Slime liners (with ends sanded smooth!) and you won't see any punctures either. :thumb: I have these fitted on my Yeah, 2 different sizes front and rear. (see this thread.)

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