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vincentnyc 09-22-08 07:23 AM

i just found my japanese clone bike!!!!!!!
for those who are unfamilar that i bought a japanese bike...u can look at this thread:

now after some researching on the web...i found the new zport 20" bike:

the only difference between my bike and the 20" is my is 1 speed vs 3 speed and mine is 16" vs 20". mine has a "clamp" lock in the rear wheel while 20" doesn't. 20" has handlebar height adjustment while mine doesn't. but everything else look exactly alike!

so my question is seat post steel tube is kinda low...i want to raise a little bit higher for my riding preference....but the highests i can raise is just a little bit below my handlebar. so can i buy the 20" seat tube along with the saddle or even the 18" model parts? do manufacturer alot that? how much would something like that cost? also the zport only contact information is an telephone #....are they a legit company and where exactly is their company located?

please see below of the parts for the saddle and steel tube that i'm talking about:

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