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ArcaneLore 09-22-08 06:26 PM

Looking for a full-sized folder, downtown/light grass
Copypasta'd from general:

I need an urban bike that will fit in my tiny car (Toyota Yaris), so I've been looking into the Dahon folding bikes. The Dahon Jack looks like it might be a viable solution.

I'm going to be traveling over mostly light-rough/paved road, low grass, and a few sections of dirt/sidewalk. Portability is my big concern, as I'll be moving this bike around a LOT. For this reason, a folding bike looks like the ideal solution....right?

What are the professionals' thoughts?

Also: I'm 6'1", and I think I was fitted for a 21" mountain bike frame, although the bike was different, of course. How should I expect the Dahon frames to compare? Should I go with the 20"? I won't be able to fit in person, so I'll be winging it for an internet purchase. 20" will probably be more comfortable for longer rides than an 18", given my height, correct?

The bike looks like it'll have plenty of bar-clearance, so I'm just worred about standover height, I guess.

Bucky_Katt 09-22-08 11:43 PM

Hi. I'm not a professional by any stretch, but I match up pretty well with you as far as size, terrain you'll be riding on, and car, so maybe I can help . . . I'm about 6'2 and was initially thinking I should get a full-size folding bike, but I ended up getting a Downtube 8H, and I really like it. I used to ride a 21" frame before it got stolen, and there wasn't really much (if any) of a transition period getting used to the Downtube. It folds down small enough to fit into the trunk of our Scion (not the boxy one) with the seats up, which is (I think) about the same size as the Yaris. If I *had* gone with a full-size, I would have gotten a 20" frame, but since I didn't, I can't really speak to that. But if portability is your main concern, and you're not dead-set on getting a full-size, you may want to think about going another way. One of my former roommates had a Hummer by Montague (a full-size), and it folded down OK, but he had to go the extra step of taking the front wheel off the frame to break it down. I'm not sure whether you have to do that with the Dahon, though . . . Hope this helps!

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