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PDR 01-09-09 03:36 PM

Off to the dealers to place my B-spoke Brompton order
I am planning to visit a local bike shop tomorrow and place my order for a B-Spoke Brompton.

My chosen specs are:
S-Type, Superlight, 2-speed in raw lacquer, Schwabe Stelvios, firm rear suspension, the new design Brompton saddle, no rack or mudguards.

I know that the superlight costs a fair amount more than the standard bike, but if I didnít buy the Superlight Iíd forever be whishing later that I had paid the extra for the lighter bike.

I should be able to get a 10% discount as my employer is part of a scheme that promotes cycling, it is certainly worth asking for on a £1000+ bike.

I have considered getting the Brooks saddle, but it is heavier than the new Brompton saddle and I will be chasing every last gram of weight reduction with this bike. I can always pick up a Brooks B17 later and I prefer the looks of the copper-railed version.

There are a few extras that I want (bike cover and S-Bag) but as far as I can tell, there is no discount for buying at the same time as the bike. I will have to pay cash up front for the bike and then wait 6-8 weeks so I have plenty of time to source these extra items separately.

Anyhow thanks to everyone here who has helped answer my various questions and to all those who have inspired me with pictures of their own Bromptons:thumb:

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