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badmother 01-13-09 08:13 PM

Best way to get suspension?
I am rebuilding two detatchables, and is planning the suspension. I`we got some 20x1.95 Maxxis BMX tyres for when I want (dirt, winter).

I am thinking now that I do not want all the suspension in the tyres (fat, low air preassure) for loss of speed and more rolling resistance. Therefor I am thinking approx 20x1,5 tyres and thudbuster or Brooks sprung seat. What do you suggest? I`we seen some postings about the "buster" not being strong, so this should speak for a sprung Brook.

I already decided to buy a Brooks for at least one of them, so it is more a question of sprung / not sprung.

I`we got one sprung Brooks already (countess) and actuallly find it is not flexing much. Riding style is bars and seat at approx same height.

Weight is not an issue since I can put a different lightweight saddle (like a ti Swift) if I want to carry it or take on a plane.

What do you suggest?

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