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tartare 01-22-09 09:14 AM

Question... - Anyone buy a bike from them?
Hey guys,

So this is a slightly different question from my previous billing dispute post for Yeahbike.

Any one out there have a successful transaction with


jakub.ner 01-22-09 11:13 AM

I tried buying a bike from them once. They didn't reply to two or three emails so I gave up.

makingmark 01-24-09 07:26 AM

Yes. Bought my Strida there. They botched the delivery address (miskeyed the zip code), so bike arrived a couple of days later than it could have. But in the scheme of things it's no big deal. Mistakes happen.

I'm handy with bikes and willing to do the "tuning up" so to speak, so I didn't feel the need to buy locally, plus I wanted the box in case I ever wanted to sell it and needed to ship it. I figured it's a credit card transaction if something goes wrong.

So basically, no, they're not going to be great on service, but if you know what you want and like the price, try 'em out.

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