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bjorke 02-10-14 11:48 AM

Going to have to visit foldabike! Never noticed it... isn't that a residential street?

ThorUSA 02-10-14 11:54 AM

always more than welcome to visit us in southern Illinois. Not a usual shop, but will take time and show the operation, email/call ahead would be important :-)

Olney Il 62450

Best Thor

fietsbob 02-10-14 12:43 PM

He, Mr Wasson, may be running the business out of a 2 car garage and the house, in Palo Alto.

rather than a storefront . never been there , website seems to show driveway shots.

a business of folding bikes wont take up much space for Inventory ..

HGR3inOK 02-10-14 01:07 PM

Our shop usually has several different folding bikes in stock and available for test rides including a half-dozen different Dahon models, a half-dozen different Tern models and all four Brompton models (S, H, M & P). Email me for our current folding bike inventory.

Norman, Oklahoma USA

Boudicca 02-13-14 01:36 PM

Up in the Great White North, Urbane Cyclist offers Terns and very friendly service. They used to do Bike Fridays, but no longer.

Side question: anyone know a dealership in Toronto that does do Bike Friday now?

Mr. Thompson 02-14-14 11:37 AM

Check out Portapedal in Tempe AZ. Brommies and Alex Moultons served up with superb service from Al and Donna.

fietsbob 02-14-14 01:23 PM

I think, in North America, Bike Friday's stuff is mostly shipped direct to your house..

that's how I got mine..

CameraMan 02-14-14 02:49 PM

Up here in Santa Rosa, Northern California, we have a Bike Friday dealership ; that's were I got my Llama last year.
A big part of their business is hiring out Bike Fridays for wine country tours etc.

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