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rodtermaat 01-22-09 11:22 PM

Folding Bike Shops
I travel some and I like to visit bike shops if possible. Problem is that they are difficult to find on the web. I have no trouble finding a LBS, but I am looking for something unique or unusual. I like folders and am most interested in using bikes as transportation and not so much as recreation. I plan to explore the bike bus concept this year, but need a folder since our buses have no bike racks.

1. Calhoun's in Minneapolis Mn
...Recumbents and folders (Swift, Dahon, and Bromptons)
...bought my son a Swift

2. Trophy Bikes in Phili
...Carries Brompton, Bike Friday, Carry Me, Strida. Also some nice high end accessories
...almost bought a Brompton, but ran out of time

3. Via Bicycles in Phili
...Old and recycled bikes, couple of twenty's that where not for sale, couple of Moultons, some french folders
...If you like old this is a mecca

4. Salvagetti in Denver
...No folders, but still cool and the first shop I found while traveling
...Mechanic had a full mowhalk going on a Tuesday morning (that's a lot of prep time)

5. San Antonio
...Not that I could find and I have looked several times
...I did find a fun roady shop with lots of old guys in lycra - somewhat disturbing

6. Clever Cycles in Portland
...Brompton, Cargo bikes, and other Dutch style bikes, Lots of cool trinkets
...Road a Bakfeit and wanted to buy, but shipping was $500 back to Nebraska
...They suggested I buy it and ride it home - they where serious (I am a fat IT guy and would have been dead before I left Oregon)

?. San Diego
Could use some help here. I will be staying at some foo foo hotel at some Marina, but I can always catch a bus or cab. I will be here the 3rd week of Feb for the entire week. Any shops worth the trip?

I still want to buy a folder so I can do more then just lurk here. Right now I am more concerned with portability and travel ease which make those Japanese micro bikes appealing - just can not seem to acquire/locate one yet. Carry me is appealing, but I have not decided to open the wallet on one yet.

msincredible 01-22-09 11:42 PM

I've only been to one folding bike shop, in Singapore, and it was really cool! They were super friendly too.

Jagee 01-23-09 07:56 AM

If you find yourself in Boston, check out Harris Cyclery (, obviously of Sheldon Brown repute. They carry Brompton, Bike Friday, and Breezer, along with tons of other stuff.

neilfein 01-23-09 08:00 AM

Both of these shops have a good selection of folding bikes, and friendly employees:

Trophy Bikes in Philadelphia. Mostly Bromptons and Dahons.

NYCe Wheels, foldies and e-bikes. (And folding e-bikes.)

JosephLMonti 01-23-09 08:13 AM

Downtube has a bike shop in Bensalem, PA which I understand is a suburb of Philly.

folder fanatic 01-23-09 09:11 AM

In North San Diego County:

There are 2 bike shops that I know of which sells some brands of folding bikes. This one sells Birdys, Bromptons (where I bought mine), and other high end similar types and of course electric bikes:

*Electric Bikes/Folding Bikes West Of California
220 Wisconsin Ave
Oceanside, CA 92054
ph: 760/757-3440

Winter Hours:
Friday: 11–3
Saturday: 11–5

Later Edit: *This bike shop is expected to close permamently by the end of February.

Right around the corner from Electric Bikes Of California, is another shop that carries some models of folding bikes including Dahons some of which are on the showroom floor:

Alan's Bike Shop

1220 S Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054
(760) 722-3377

I bought my saddle for the Brompton there when I was last in town. When you are in the Los Angeles area, do stop in to my recommended bike shops if you like. The last one on the list is another newest branch of Electric Bikes/Folding Bikes West of Seattle now located in the Los Angeles Area (El Segundo). It's sister store is the same Electric Bikes/Folding Bikes West Oceanside located one. Soon the Los Angeles/El Segundo based one will be the only bike shop of it's type in the Southern California area (i.e. no other Brompton or other high end folding bike/electric powered dealers until the San Fransisco area).

invisiblehand 01-23-09 09:48 AM

In the DC area you have

(1) Mt Airy/College Park bicycles

(2) Bikes at Vienna

LWaB 01-23-09 04:44 PM

You say you travel some but not to where. There are several good shops in Britain and mainland Europe.

rodtermaat 01-23-09 04:48 PM

I have a selfish goal of logging bicycle shops in the US to visit - I do not get to travel international. But, I do think there is a larger goal of documenting folding bike shops worldwide. It may be a neat resource for others, or not?

Lugnuts001 01-23-09 05:21 PM

Be careful when going to Trophy Bikes around any holidays. They say they're open everyday, but when I was up in the area over Christmas, both of their stores were closed for about 2 weeks. There was no notice on the website and it wasn't mentioned on their phone message. Fortunately the Downtube store in nearby Bensalem was open.

If you're ever in Florida, Orange Cycle in Orlando (Dahon) and Revolution Bikes in St. Petersburg (Dahon, Bike Friday, Giant) keep some folders in stock.

LeeG 01-23-09 06:16 PM

Foldable Two 01-23-09 11:01 PM

For Portland, OR please add: Coventry Cycles Works. They sell both Dahon bikes and the Bike Friday tikit, and have demo models of both.

They are mainly a recumbent dealer, and very used to "odd-ball" bikes. They also carry quality 20" tires.

makeinu 01-23-09 11:48 PM

one I don't see mentioned in lower manhattan is:

jagatron 01-24-09 04:13 AM

This would be a good list to put onto a big google-based Map along with contact info shown for each point and maintain somewhere. So one could know when scheduling trips.

regfman 01-24-09 09:31 AM

In San Francisco right at the Caltrain train station, Warm Planet Bikes.

They usually have about 10 to 15 different folding bikes on display.

dmnobrien 01-24-09 07:58 PM

In San Diego, you'll find:

- Folding Bikes West (Oceanside) - small store with several models (Brompton, Birdy, Dahon?, as of 2 years ago anyway). They're enthusiasts, as you would expect from a niche store like this.

- Alan's (Oceanside) - Carries Dahon if I remember correctly.

- Bicycle Discovery (Pacific Beach) - Carries several Dahon models. I bought my Mu P8 there.

- No Bike Friday dealer there that I know of.

Hope this helps.

surfrider 01-24-09 10:56 PM

A potential new job might have me buying a folder in the near future, so I've been checking out a few shops here in Orange County, CA. Here's two that can be added:

Electric cyclery in Laguna Beach, CA:
They have Dahon, Bike Friday, and Montaque folders, usually at least one model of everything so you can try 'em out.

Richards Cyclery in Cypress, CA.
Lousy website, but great shop for the non-roadie crowd. They're known for great selection of recumbents, but also stock most of the Dahons, and Richard will get you what you want. They're also a Giant dealer and carry some of the 'odd' Giant bikes like the Halfway folder.

makeinu 01-25-09 02:54 AM


Originally Posted by dmnobrien (Post 8241715)
- Alan's (Oceanside) - Carries Dahon if I remember correctly.

Are we discussing shops which specialize in folding bikes or shops which carry folding bikes? Because there are tons of shops that have a couple dahons (and don't even know how to unfold them...they just keep them in the display window to attract stares).

pjizzy 01-25-09 05:34 AM

Hi, first post here :) Just visited Electric Bikes LA in El Segundo, CA today and picked up my 2009 Brompton M3L. It's worth a visit if you want to check out the matte finish on the 2009s...they are very sweet looking.

rodtermaat 01-25-09 09:46 AM

I think for the list to be comprehensive it should those who focus on folders, or at least have expert knowledge?

folder fanatic 01-25-09 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by pjizzy (Post 8243625)
Hi, first post here :) Just visited Electric Bikes LA in El Segundo, CA today and picked up my 2009 Brompton M3L. It's worth a visit if you want to check out the matte finish on the 2009s...they are very sweet looking.

I was there last Friday to pick up my Luggage Block. Great shop & service. And soon to be the only Brompton dealer south of the San Fransisco area. Although this shop is more convenient and centrally located for far more Southern Californians than the previous Folding Bikes West Oceanside location, it is still too bad the Oceanside shop is closing.

Riptide55 02-09-14 09:29 PM

Metro Cyclery in San Diego, California is an authorized Brompton dealer. A customer came into the shop today and pointed us to this forum which has incorrect information. The last post about Brompton dealers in San Diego said there are none and points people to a shop in Oceanside. For the record Metro Cyclery carries Bromptons and all Brompton accessories. We are located at 1211 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110, phone (619) 276-1145. The shop in Oceanside is no longer in business. Thanks for the chance to update your information.

goldfinch 02-09-14 09:54 PM

In Tucson, Arizona, I found Cycle to Go, inside Metro Gnome Music.

The have Bromptons, Tern, Citizen, and Montague bike, with the ability to rent and to test ride. Great shop!

bargainguy 02-09-14 10:41 PM

Sacramento: The Edible Pedal - a vintage & folding shop that also does takeout delivery (via cargo bike) from downtown restaurants!

John, the owner, tells me he became convinced of opening a folding bike shop after riding a Bike Friday across Spain.

fietsbob 02-10-14 10:51 AM

Palo Alto Cal CM Wasson/Foldabike..

was selling Bromptons in US before the rest.

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