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cpg 06-17-13 03:48 PM

Thanks for the dimensions required for the two stems, its something I hadn't considered. My riser bars have got about an 80mm length in the centre before the rise, so the Androes stem wont be suitable. The handle bars could probably be 40mm shorter on both ends without affecting the current fold.
I did a 15 mile ride on Sunday and was very happy with the bar ends, felt quite fast, perhaps that was weather conditions. Also got used to the wide feel.

cpg 07-05-13 02:51 PM

Who needs a fancy QR stem.
4 Attachment(s)
I have been thinking about quick release stems to make the dropbar setup more compact when folded. It occurred to me that a QR skewer could be fitted to standard bar clap. Here it is, a cut down seat clamp and alloy spacer turned to fit in the flat where the screw is located. The other screw is held in place with thread lock to prevent it working loose.

Here is the bar setup without the handle bars being rotated.

And bars rotated with the use of the QR.

bhkyte 07-06-13 03:30 AM

My reply to this disappeared before in posting.
Nice work as ever.
1 how is the folding effort+ speed with stem qr?
2 does it hold bars ok? Do you fully trust it?
3 where are your levers?!
4 is disc brake set up?
5 Guess you need some brifters now, trust they will work with discs?
Kojacks, or simular, are a must to go quicker.
Do you feel are nearing road racing bike compact folding bike nivarna?
Love mine , might be able to get a more compact fold but that's about it, other than optional stem bag, which I would like to try.
I would like to try building a light weight version with a cespro hub but heard mixed views about compactability with chain line clearence. If I get hold of a hub I could try the hub with cassette on before building a wheel up.

cpg 07-07-13 06:23 AM

Thanks Bhkyte.
1 - Not much more effort but probably doubles the fold time as I am not yet used to it and still working out the best procedure. It might benefit from a couple of collars like the Dahon stems to keep the bars centred. At present I just have a mark made with a permanent marker to show the alignment.

2 - Yes, rode it for 15 miles yesterday and got out of the saddle up hill, didn't move at all.

3 - Still using flat bar levers and shifters.

4 - Disk brakes got put on the back burner, not sure if its worth the effort. Recently found these Avid BB7 Chinese clones so might revisit disk brakes.

5 - Yes bishifters are a strong possibility. I deed to do some research on my dual drive hub, if it will take 9 speed cassette then I will get some 3x9 STI levers.

My Wellgo QRD pedals arrived yesterday and I am very happy with those as well. They feel much more solid than a folding pedal. I am at the point where I have a bike I am happy to use every day. I wanted it to be fast and efficient as well as compact and able to get up hills, so I will most likely change tyres soon.
Hmmm light weight Mezzo there are all sorts of possibilities. What we need is a cheap supply of Mezzos for experimenting with ;)

bhkyte 07-07-13 09:01 AM

I don't mind which bike I experiment with. Bromptons get silly expensive to opt for decent 135mm hub axles, but I am looking in to this.
Forcing the frame and grinding down the hub spacers seem option looking at forums on this. I have my brompton in a good road racing postion, but it lacks brifter compactablity yet. I like the compact fold I have on the brompton the way I have done it using the dahon stem. Its also a tad slow but putting a firmer estomer or a butterfly clip aroun it, and fitting kojacks might slove this. Might remove the sprung saddle also.
2o" bikes are availalbe set up like this ie dahon speed tt and tern, ori supra. I have thought about doing a downtube nova or even a down FS.
There was a thread years ago about a downtube mini(cespro?), with tt bars on going to south america.
Problem is the v brakes on a downtube mini are not intended to be used with st,, but I did get them to work ok on my downtube with ulgera. Just need slick cables, soft pads and tight clearence.

I have ordered some drop bar ends ,not sure about projet yet.
My 4 X 16" bike selection makes no sence at the moment!!!

bhkyte 07-07-13 10:07 AM

Re collars.
Had a look in to this for dahon stem. I tried some collars from cheap lock on grips on ebay, about 2 (so you end up with four collars). However these are too tight on my bars near the 25.4 stem section.
Another possibilty is plastic light bracket clips?

cpg 07-09-13 02:13 AM

What you really want is dual drive Brompton, I hope someone at Brompton is reading this and thinking it would be a good idea. Enough about those over priced lumps of steel, this is Mezzo thread.
Which drop bar ends have you bought? I will be interested to see what you think of them. If I do go down the route of adding collars to help with the QR bar clamp I will probably turn some up, they are fairly basic things.
Looking at the Sram website and downloaded the technical spec on the Dual Drive hub. It seems they are 8 and 9 speed compatible so I will probably drop the 8 speed cassette in favour of a 9 speed and look for some 3x9 STI brake levers.

bhkyte 07-09-13 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by cpg (Post 15829740)
What you really want is dual drive Brompton, Enough about those over priced lumps of steel, this is Mezzo thread.

Point taken!!
I am not usually asked to stop talking about brommies! Mezzos maybe.
I bought some new ebay german bar ends. Hamburg seems to be the location for esceotic bits. One full sized skeleton, two dahon stems, one pair of off road roller blades, and another speed rollerblades
Sorry it not the rollerblading thread either!!

Just clearing out my garage and I found some bar ends perfect for making tt style bars from flat bars. Typical.

Not sure I do want a dualdrive Brompton, (here I go again),just the mod I have done is screaming for brifters and a compactalble hub. Looks and sounds like your easy stem qr is easier than the problems I have had with dahon stem. So again it looks like the racing bar mod is easier on mezzo. Although the compactness of fold is very good on my b?":#*?m, but folding is slow. Your stem qr might only work with your very wide drops on a mezzo.

Look forward to meeting up and having a look at some ideas soon. Sounds like you ended up with a fab bike ,even if not quite done upgrading.
But then again I would say that about a dualdrive mezzo with drops!

bhkyte 07-09-13 11:21 AM

1 Attachment(s) a look at the supra that has dropped bars on. It seems to feature a shorter rake stem. Its also 20 inch wheel and longer top tube?
Checked it does not have a qr stem

cpg 07-10-13 02:01 PM

Actually, discussing other bikes in this thread is good, it brings more ideas into the melting pot of Mezzo upgrades. So feel free to use the B word ;o)

Have you got a link for the German supplier of the dropped bars and Dahon stems, not bothered by the skeleton, I don't have space for one. :o)
I think the QR bar clamp will make a difference with standard dropbars but agree the wide bars make a big difference as the drops will sit either side of the front wheel. Having the roller kit helps as it allows the front wheel to sit lower. When we meet up I can take the QR clamp off my bike so you can try it with your bull bars. The Surpaz is interesting, I think some of the frame dimensions must be larger than a Mezzo because that photo doesn't look out of proportion. It would be good to see one in the flesh. Yes, it looks like it has a shorter stem and that allows the brake lever to sit in a gap between the front wheel and frame.

bhkyte 07-10-13 03:23 PM

Dahon stem seller no longer a registered user.
Oringin8 drop bars = osuppliers.
Have you not got space in your cupboard for a skeleton?!? Sheleton supplier also no longer trading.

cpg 07-10-13 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by bhkyte (Post 15836142)
Have you not got space in your cupboard for a skeleton?!? Sheleton supplier also no longer trading.

I have too much junk in my cupboards so no space for a skeleton. Slightly worrying that the seller is no longer trading, wonder if it has anything to do with where he was getting the skeletons.

bhkyte 08-04-13 03:50 PM

Converting gold bike to drops and brifters.
Tried some tt bar ends and drop bars end with out a qr stem. After trying loads of postions came to the conclsion it was no better than black bikes set up in tring to get a compact fold. This was despite the fact that I had full control of bar width, ect to find a gap in the folded frame

So will be adding a qr stem like cpq.

bhkyte 08-05-13 07:09 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Or maybe not.
I had a look at fitting a dahon andres stem and bullbar type bar ends.
Folds really well just like the same setup folds compact on my brv!/#ton.
Thanks for offer of a qr for the mezzo stem cpq.
This mock up of the final set up rides well intinal impressions. Its also massive in feel, with the telcsopic seatpost it would fit a seven foot guy.

So 2 potential set ups. Many opt for latest set up with different bars and longer bar ends and set stem as low as posible. Else might cut some drops down and turn upside down. I think andres looks the way to go with narrower drops/ bullbars.

Need some flat bars with 80mm space that is at stem.

cpg 08-06-13 03:27 AM

I sometimes think that my bars could do with a little more forward reach and the Dahon stem will give you that but I am generally happy with my QR setup. It will be worth trying my QR type of setup, you must have quite a few spare QR levers from all those seat clamps that have cracked. With the spacer I turned, its just a case of cutting the threaded part of the lever to right length. Doesnt take much doing.
Having a full roller kit and a dual drive click box alters the geometry and location of the front wheel when folded which tends to allow a more compact fold when using wide dropbars / dropbar ends.

bhkyte 08-12-13 04:30 AM

Just biked on black mezzo from newark to grathem (belton park). About 20-25 mile all on roads. Dualdrive ment I was always able to find correct gear. I rode on A1 dual carriage way for about 4 miles, and was able to keep up an estimated speed of 25-30mph, which ment ;
1) Esposed to danger for shorter
2) Passing Traffic had more time to react to me.
Unfornately imedialety after this trial trial type effort there was a a mile long hill!
The bike was a tad scary due to rattling decending the other side, but other than that it coped so well with the demands It was given. My go faster bq#@)?m would have been disappointing due to limited speed selection. It would have better at decent, proberly, and out of saddle definately. However I would have had to use the inferior brompton rack for my day stuff or the wind break front bag. Overal mezzo option so much quicker, but less comforatable. I need a better saddle.I opted against using the less compact telescopic suspension option I have for my mezzos.

My dual drive gold bike is being converted to bullbars and brifters. Just obtained some 3x7 shimano sora for about 45. Take to roungh and the smooth on ebay,one lever 15 other 30.

Cpq I think you may get more forward reach with bullbars like my brommie. We really need to meet up to exchange ideas, as I know you say your folded front wheel locate differently.
Next upgrade question;
Can the dog leg stem be altered or done away with. The qr sticks up a lot and is the main difference in stashing a mezzo away compaired to another type of folder.
Can thoses that use dropped bars get rid of the need for a secound qr stage. Lateral thinking hats on please.

cpg 08-12-13 04:08 PM

4 miles on the A1 , are you mad? :eek: . 25-30 mph is a terrific speed to on a small wheeled bike designed to enable the commuter to use public transport ;). This weekend I took the Mezzo to the Malverns. My previous trip made me realise the the 4 speed hub had to go as I was defeated by one the long up hill climbs. This time I conquered the climb, stayed in the saddle and didn't have to go into the lowest gear. Stopped at the top for an ice cream, sweated profusely while talking to a passer-by who had recently bought a Dahon and took an interest in the Mezzo.
I made a mistake and when down a bridle way that was very stony, dropped it into a low gear and rode along slowly, the bike handled that bit of cross country well. The last part of the ride was mostly down hill through the sweeping bends of west Malvern on roads lined with parked cars. The decent didnt seem scary at all, I quite enjoyed it. So in summery, the dual drive Mezzo is brilliant and very versatile.
Its too late at night for lateral thinking right now but I will give the dog leg some thought later. You are correct, the latch does stick up a bit when folded. If I had a TIG welder I could do all sorts of modification to the stem. How about turning the stem upside down? It might clash with the frame tube when folded?

bhkyte 08-15-13 02:32 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Hi cpq.
Thanks for the rolling kit, will post a picture later.
Ironically I have converted my brompton to a non rolling rack with two wheels, and my mezzo toa four wheel rolling rack!
The folded bike stands fairly stable on the rollerblade wheels. I have removed the foot from the mudguard.
1) I prefer to have more heel space so I will cut them down a tad. However this will make it less stable.
2) Lack of clearence of mudguard on ground when folded.I do not use the mezzo front wheel clip due to running dual drive. My front wheel sits on the rear triangle alittle lower than standard set up. Therfore even with the mudguard foot removed I have less than 4mm clearence.

Solution to 2)
1) Fit bigger rollerblade wheels. At back maybe 100mm scooter wheels.
2) Cut of section on mudguard
3) Add plate or tape to rear triangle to left mudguard. Don't fancy this asthis area very crowded.
Limited Clearence means I can not fit a caster on the mudguard.
Thanks cpq for kit.

I am setting up gold mezzo with sora sti road levers at moment also. First impressions I really don't like the shimano sora brifters. They have a single lever and a small thund shifter for down changers. Prefer double levers as its easy to slip off when pushing it sideways.

cpg 08-16-13 03:26 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Good to hear you got the rolling kit fitted. You have the same problems as I do with lack of clearance under the front wheel. When folded, my front wheel sits lower due to the dual drive and the fact that I have moved the clip with addition of a bracket. See the photos.
I too had to remove the foot from the front mud guard and the castor which had previously replaced the foot. Bigger wheels are worth a try, the brackets could be replaced with longer ones, or a different design could be used similar to the Ori rolling kit. I am not sure I would want to cut the mud guard. Give it a try rolling around outside and see if the clearance is really is an issue, interested to know how you get on.
I have Tiagra STI levers on my Trek road bike and I find them very easy to change up and down and they are comfortable.

bhkyte 09-01-13 01:50 PM

Hi cpq tried the new rolling kit properly on friday. One of Mezzo rack bolts stripped their thread when fitted the extra thickness of your rolling kit bracket so I only got a new longer bolt other day.
The kit sits very close to my heels as I pedal and I thought it would be a problem but it seems ok.

Thanks a lot for it, seems great from first trial. However, I am so used to tilting up the seat on the mezzo I have not really used it yet!!

One problem with the rolling rack idea is that unless you tilt the bike on to the front wheels you need to bend down. Some Br#***#n users extend the seat to do this but I found the fold comes unlocked as the seatpost locs the fold. This happens more on uneven pavements or cobbles.

Not sure if I will have the same problem on the mighty mezzo. Time will tell.

I now have about 8mm clearence when wheeling RE the front mudguard when folded. Bike seems very stable on 4 wheels and due to you making axles wider ( reason for small heel clearence). This is a good bonous as my bullbars make the folded bike unstable before. I would still like to fit a caster of some sort onthe front mudguard. It could be reasonable big as the mounting would be at 90 degrees. So the caster could be around 16 in diametre. Its a shame its 90 degree as I could just use a rollerblade bearing.

Ok maybe next project for your lathe along axle with a screw thrad to attach to the mudguard foot mount. Then mount a rollerblade bearing either side of the mudguard. What do you think, if you get me.

When I took the rack off the B?#*p#n I thought about putting the better mezzo rack on instead. Interesting it was apparent themezzo rack is about 50% larger and would have stuck out several inches when folded. So the compromise of a rack that has limited carrying capacity was proberly made due to the drive to get a compact fold.

I will get back to finishing my gold mezzo droped bar conversion in a couple of weeks.

Winfried 09-01-13 02:25 PM


I'd like to know what the difference is between the three main categories (Supaz, M, and C8).

Thank you.
Edit: Got it:

Supaz : 20" wheels; CR = carbon, AR = aluminum; high-end (CD1.0 over US$3.000); sport bikes
M and C : 16" wheels; cheaper; city/travel

I guess the Oki can be thought either as high-level Dahon (CR series) or competitors to Brompton (M and C, with their 16'" wheels.)

cpg 09-01-13 03:48 PM

Yes, you got it. Also the C series are a more conventional tubular frame construction whereas the M series frame is a monocoque. Mezzo/Ori is definite competitor to the Brompton. The only real advantage of the Brompton in my view is a slightly more compact fold.

cpg 09-01-13 04:04 PM

Bhkyte. Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear the rolling kit is working. I really need to make some longer axles for my bike as it's a bit unstable, thats why I made yours longer. I have my seat post extend slightly to act as a handle when rolling the bike but haven't had any problems with it unfolding. Depending on how your front wheel is clipped to the frame when folded will dictate if a caster is worth doing. On my bike a caster would cause the wheel to come unclipped and drag on the ground so not really thought about it much more.

Winfried 09-02-13 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by cpg (Post 16020572)
Yes, you got it. Also the C series are a more conventional tubular frame construction whereas the M series frame is a monocoque. Mezzo/Ori is definite competitor to the Brompton. The only real advantage of the Brompton in my view is a slightly more compact fold.

Thanks for the infos. I'll google for reviews from users who have ridden Bromptons and Mezzo/Ori.

bhkyte 09-02-13 05:38 AM


Originally Posted by Winfried (Post 16022134)
Thanks for the infos. I'll google for reviews from users who have ridden Bromptons and Mezzo/Ori.

Be wary of a lot of brompton bais on internet. Some review state that birdie is a poor bike and the merc copy of a brommie is vastly inferior.
Test rides are required for proper impression. A to b did a favourable mezzo review.
Personally I really dislike the standard brommie fit and gear options. Mezzo is under geared in standard form.

I own a brommie and two upgraded mezzos. Mezzo is a faster better fitting commuter bike,brommie more of an softer all-rounder with more compromise to get a small fold, ie no forward reach on stem, short seat post.
Mezzo can take a generic telescopic seat post with a suspension insert. This is what I use for pleasure riding.

I have a brommie with androes stem which fits me great (see thread),lack of hub options limits its appeal in comparison with mezzo.

I suppose I regard folders as a base to start from. Then upgrade/alter

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