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tedi k wardhana 04-12-09 11:15 AM

tale of 2 vitesses..
two days ago went out the house to the amazement of my two sons.
this time, unusually, didn't go by bike.
"I am on a secret mission" I told my boys.
I went to an address, where someone has advertised recently, a 2008 dahon vitesse.
took the public transport, met the guy, bargained, closed the deal, and I just rode the bike home.
wow, I said to myself, this thing feels different from the older vitesse I bought used, around 6 months ago. this thing was so aggresive. (the previous owner had warned me somehow, that since the bottom bracket was replaced by a sealed bearing type, that I should not be carried away and go speeding...)
oh boy, and I never went fast before...
while rding fast, I kept being puzzled, how come the newer type feels much better than the older type...

when finally reached home, put the two vitesses side by side....
hmmm, the newer d7 is longer than the d6!!
the main tube tube seems to be a bit higher, too...
ah yes, the newer type handlepot seems to be more forward leaning.

is that all?

phisically the two are not much different. but hey, looks can be deceiving...

(the older type seems to be the 2005 type in the US market, though the previous said he bought it new in 2007..)

BSinNYC 05-16-09 06:57 PM

Heard anything about the 2009 version?
I just ordered the 2009 version and will be picking it up on Tuesday 5/19.
I googled reviews for Vitesse D7HG 2009 but haven't had any luck. The store from which I am buying the bike does not offer refunds, only store credit. And since this was a special order, I pretty much have that day to decide. Can these bikes be used for 20 mile bike rides? I know you get what you pay for but I thought 700 dollars was a lot of money...until I saw that they have other bikes for double that price...

Any advice about the 2009 Vitesse or general advice about folding bikes is much appreciated.

joseff 05-18-09 04:05 AM

For 20 mile rides yes, the Vitesse D7HG will do it. To do that daily and comfortably, I'd prefer something lighter (not hub geared) and taller gears. But that depends on weather, hills, and luggage.

As you'd guess, I'm a fair-weather rider in a flat city carrying just one backpack.

chagzuki 05-19-09 07:29 AM

Which year was the d6 from? I'm wondering if the geometry has changed since my 2007 model.

AEO 05-19-09 07:56 AM

I've taken up to 50km rides on a 07' vitesse D7. The saddle is the first thing I would change if you plan on riding longer distances.

tedi k wardhana 05-20-09 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by chagzuki (Post 8944471)
Which year was the d6 from? I'm wondering if the geometry has changed since my 2007 model.

in our local market, the d6 was available until mid 2008.
(but strangely enough, referring to the dahon website, this vitesse d6 was last seen on the 2005 archive)
what is easily noticable is the reinforcement triangle at the seattube headtube of the newer vitesse, which the older has none.

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