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Weakling 04-14-09 04:49 AM

DreamSlider by J-M Gobillard says stand up for your folder!
DreamSlider from Jean-Marc Gobillard , he says stand up for your folder!

He even search for a patent for the method of doing it. Standing up pedaling.
Read here:


A pedaling method and device for a user in standing position. The device includes a drive shaft whereof the rotation about its axis is coupled with the rotation of two right and left pedals.

The vertical oscillation of the center of gravity of a user in standing position is reduced compared to a conventional pedal assembly.
He even made a MicroSlider in case you find 12" wheels to be too big?

If you speak French then read here too

5 Videos at his youtube page.

I have not found any good stills on it though. you maybe can see how small it is here but the videos and pdf shows it swishing by. Why doesn't he set up a free blog or something with pictures and specifications? ok it is a prototype still.
Here is picture of Dream Slider

and MicroSlider

Weakling 04-14-09 05:00 AM

The PDF file shows how the pedals are easier to stand on than on a regular bike. Less tiring hopefully.

I am not a Viking so as a Weakling I prefer to sit and pedal but he seems to love the sliding part???

Does that feel cool? He promise us "a real sliding sensations". :D

Ever since the modern bicycle was invented over 120 years ago, no-one has come up with another human-propelled vehicle with comparable efficiency and such a wide range of applications yet with a radically different ergonomic design, natural compactness, far greater reliability, and real sliding sensations.

This is the winning formula put forward by DREAMSLIDE.

jur 04-14-09 08:25 AM

I wonder what problem this invention is supposed to solve? Or, what aspect of cycling is this invention supposed to improve upon?

itsajustme 04-14-09 09:10 AM

I suppose tossing the seat and post is theoretically lighter and smaller (though this is perhaps the least problematic design element of any folding bike). So I guess the "stairmaster" pedals are an ergonomic complement to that.

However, I'm skeptical that seatless riding offers enough control for safe riding. Balancing on two wheels is precarious enough as is that you don't want to be worrying about falling off while leaning.

Plus standing is more tiring than sitting.

Weakling 04-14-09 10:36 AM

Yes it is tiring to stand all the time. Ok it is lighter but not so much. Would be less bulky folded most likely due to no need for the seat and its stem but the sliding he gave us is possible on every short wheel based bike like Handybike or similar?

I guess he made one for to feel proud that he was the first one to build it? :D

The DreamSlider in the PDF description on how the double crank? revolve would make the foot go more easy a bit like a Cross Trainer motion? Not sure. But would still be tiring. I tested today to stand and pedal on an ordinary bike and I didn't like it.

His MicroSlider is potentially lighter and smaller folded than most bikes? Would it not be possible to make one weighting under 8 kg like that?

CarryMe is about 8 to 9 kg? So without the seat and stem say 7 kg or so?

Heheheh I want a bike that weight something like 3kg, that is managable to me.

bhkyte 04-14-09 11:04 AM

It could be good for shot distances or just for fun!
It looks alot like a dawooe shuttle micro bike to me. You could buy one of these and remove the seatpost for under 50 on ebay. Not convinced about the ground clearence of the stair master type pedals.

however, I do think it is a potential interesting idea towards making a better micro folding bike with 14" wheels approx that can potentially fold as small as an A bike or carryme.

Urbanis 04-24-09 06:33 AM

I am always delighted to see innovation and fresh thinking in the realm of human-powered mobility devices, because they are good for us and good for the planet.

I see a lot of potential for this mini-bike:

1. A more compact fold, like a scooter or Trikke (so highly useful for multi-modal commuting; storage; ability to take *everywhere*, including tightly crowded spaces where even a 16" folder could be an issue)

2. A lighter bike (and who doesn't like that?)

3. A quicker, less complicated fold

4. A new and fun way to interact with (ride) a bike. I like the fact that the posture and motions required more resemble walking.

5. I'm not an anatomy and physiology expert, but it seems like this bike could provide via the balancing and oscillating an upper-body workout or toning (which is *not* something you get from riding a conventional bike). Along the same lines, it might be fun to explore a version with a standing board and hand pedals.

6. A break from having your butt glued to a seat (which also gets tiring, and, as we know, can result in numbness and other deleterious effects in a man's sensitive parts)

I don't see this device as being suitable for long-distance riding, but for commutes where one might use a kick scooter or CarryMe, it could be perfect, and a fun way to switch up one's bike riding routine. I would be very excited to see this device refined and come to market.

havm66z 04-24-09 07:47 AM

That gives me a good idea of how to respond to people who have buttpain from cycling:

A: “Take the saddle off!”
B: “Ouch.”
A: “Oh, take the seatpost off as well”

bhkyte 04-24-09 11:40 AM

Actually ,The stairmaster type pedals may be a good idea for disabled cycling.As it would allow the foot to stay on the pedals better without them being straped in.Not on this sytle of bike with the standing postion though.

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