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PhotoByBike 04-17-09 07:16 AM

Downtube-ish / Kickstand
I saw this bike on the Flickr a few mins ago. It has a frame that's very similar to the Downtube 9FS, and the forks of a Birdy. Does anyone know what it is?

There are are more photos from his photostream here:

Specifically, I'm hoping to be able to order the kickstand from it for my Downtube 9FS. If anyone has any ideas where to get a similar kickstand for the 9FS, or any kickstand that's easy to install without modding the bike frame, I'd love to hear it.


PhotoByBike 04-17-09 07:19 AM

I just saw a link to the larger photo on that bike, it looks like it's an actual birdy. I never realized before seeing that how similar the frames were to the downtube FS bikes before.

jur 04-18-09 07:40 AM

That particular kickstand is for the Birdy with its 18" wheel so it would be too short for the 20" Downtube. Unless you are handy and could extend it. I have one which I took off mine, it is plain aluminium.

ShinyBiker 04-18-09 06:16 PM

What year is your 9fs? I have an '09 8fs and it now comes with a hole next to the BB. I was able to add a kickstand in that hole as my pix shows:

This is a regular run of the mill height adjustable kickstand that you can buy at Sports Authority or Dicks. I believe the brand is Bell, but I'm not sure.

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