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rossmcloch 04-26-09 01:55 PM

R20 BB upgrade - spindle length?

For upgrading a R20 bottom bracket via the UN72 + phil wood method, what is the correct spindle length? I think I have seen both 113mm and 127mm listed here. Which is correct?


rhenning 04-26-09 02:34 PM

It depends totally on what cranks you are using. Roger

rossmcloch 04-26-09 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by rhenning (Post 8803594)
It depends totally on what cranks you are using. Roger

This is my first time changing a crank so I dont really know what I am doing. How do crank measurements determine the spindle size or vice versa?

I essentially just want to have a 48t chainring and some average crank. How do I figure out how all the sizes fit together?

Any crank/chainring you would recommend as a good fit and good value?

LittlePixel 04-26-09 05:05 PM

It also depends on the hub you are using on the rear too. It's pretty hard to work out the dimensions you need - and with mine - I lucked out somewhat; I can say though that it's likely the 127mm spindle will be too long and you should be looking at the sizes around 113-120mm; If you fit a crank that takes two chainrings then this offers a fair amount of flexibility over where you fit the chainring and you should be able to get a pretty straight chainline. [on my twenty the chainring is bolted backwards to the inner side of the crank - as if it were the second chainring] It's also worth noting that one of the real attractions of fitting a un72 with the phil rings is that you have some leeway in how 'centred' you fit the bb cartridge, as the p.w, rings can be screwed right inside the shell; this means you can 'dial in' - if need be - one or two crucial millimetres of offset to the cartridge to get the drive chain straight.

If the worst comes to the worst - you'll have to get a different crank and return/ebay the one that doesn't give you a straight chain. Which isn't a biggie, and all part of the fun/learning curve ;)

rossmcloch 04-26-09 06:59 PM

I think I've found a un72 at 73 x 115 which sounds like it should fit well. What should I look for in a chainring and cranks?

It seems like there are some BMX chainrings that are in the correct size range. Is that a reasonable choice?

stevegor 04-26-09 09:19 PM

I'm using Redline 165mm BMX cranks on my R20 with a 48t ring and a 127mm UN72, which as LittlePixel points out is way too long, so I've had to use long bolts and spaces to achieve a straight chainline.
If you are using the SA 3 spd hub the 115mm spindle should be right, and depending on how strong you are....get a bigger chainring than the standard 46t.

Gotte 04-27-09 03:19 AM

I'm interested in this subject also. I'm thinking that if I get a 20, then I'll take the BB apart an hopefully find an cotterless axle that's the right length to fit with the original cups and BBs. I've got enough old axles hanging around.
But then I got to wondering, is it just axle length that is a potential problem (that is, regarding aligning the chainring), or is it the spacing of the BB runs on the axle that is different?

rhenning 04-27-09 07:23 AM

Spacing of the BB is also different on a Twenty. Its not 68 or 73 but more like 76. Old spindles with 5 on them or Mt. Bike spindles from a 73 BB are close. Roger

griftereck 04-27-09 09:59 AM

i find that modern suntour MTB cranks sit very close to the BB cup so need a longer spindle.
old Shimano cranks seem to take short axles
I like the old style straight arm cranks, dont like these bendy ones that are available now.

having said that. I want a set of Shimano road triple cranks, from a few years ago. As they have big rings to enable the 20 to get some speed up. But also have a granny ring. And would work with indexed shifters. But I was out bid on a few cranks on ebay. So gave up on them

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