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Gotte 04-28-09 06:31 AM

Ideal rack bag...
I found this at our local Decathlon.

It's actually a boot bag from the horse riding dept of our local Decathlon. It fits on my rack perfectly, though it'll need some loops or other sewing on to make it more secure. I might even attatch some velcro straps from another pannier so I can remove it relatively easily. The best thing is that it expands upwards to about twice its size, so I might even be able to use it for touring.

And really cheap - 13.95

Only in Europe, though, I think.

folder fanatic 04-28-09 11:31 AM

This is a really great example of creative thinking to adapt something into another use not originally intended for. I am sure other bags from other places can be adapted too. I already did this with a shopping tote bag for my Brompton here:

Gotte 04-28-09 02:30 PM

That Tote bag is really good. Well thought out. I especially like the pocket/pouch addition.
Tell me, where did you get the rack? Is it a standard, or is that a mod, as well?

I added you as a friend on Flickr. I figure we bike fans need to stick together.

I especially like this one, folder or not.

There's nothing like some classic lines.

badmother 04-29-09 12:46 AM

I use my dogs backpack as panniers for a daytrip. He is happy when I use them, he think it is not right when he has to carry my food..

Gotte 04-29-09 03:11 AM


Originally Posted by badmother (Post 8819638)
I use my dogs backpack as panniers for a daytrip. He is happy when I use them, he think it is not right when he has to carry my food..


Here's some pics of the bag on my Specialized Globe.


Extended. Just look at that capacity.

oli.roemer 04-29-09 06:04 AM

Have you looked at this one: It expands as well and fits nicely onto the rack!

Gotte 04-29-09 06:45 AM

That looks nice. Do you happen to have one?

bicimax 06-05-09 03:44 AM

that is a great suggestion!
I bought that decathlon bag you are showing and just used it on a 200km trip with my Dahon Roo D7 and the bag was really good. It even exceeded expectations by surviving a storm, keeping all my clothes dry.
I bought it because a seller was not able to deliver a set of panniers in time for leaving for a small tour on the river PO delta here in italy.
The bag is not made to resist the test of time, and it has no hooks or velcros to secure it to the rack but it is large and well made and for less than 20 euros is a steal.
Thank you again for your suggestion!

Gotte 06-05-09 06:24 AM

Hey, great it worked out. How did you attach it, bungee cords?

bicimax 06-05-09 06:51 AM


Originally Posted by Gotte (Post 9046317)
Hey, great it worked out. How did you attach it, bungee cords?

yes I used 6 bungee cords, probably more than needed but wanted to be sure that the tall shape of the bag was firm.
I will try to post a pic later.
What really surprised me it was the resistance to the rain, it kept things dry during an half an hour storm in open fields with no chance to find repair under trees or buildings.
It's not a waterproof bag but I thought it was not even water resistant considering also the mesh opening on one side.
The only wet things I found were in the external pocket.

Gotte 06-06-09 06:40 AM

Yes, you saying it seemed remarkably waterproof surprised me. Then again, I suppose, it's designed to carry muddy boots, so it must have some water resistance. I'd still opt for a bin liner inside, though ;) just to make sure.

Look forward to seeing a pic.

bicimax 06-07-09 01:19 PM

here is a pic:


Gotte 06-07-09 04:17 PM

Ahhh, I see how you've done it there. I was thinking of eventually getting round to stitching some loops on the bottom so I can slip the bungee through, and a velcro strap on the back to attach to the seat tube to hold it. When I get round to it, I'll post a pic.

All the best


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