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Teewacket 05-06-09 04:46 AM

Citizen Miami vs. Schwinn Loop 7
Hi, there. I've been looking and looking at folders, and finally narrowed down my two choices (cost is the biggest factor) between the Citizen Miami (in girlie pink :o ) and the Schwinn Loop 7. My daily ride (I gave away my handicapped van a few months ago after leaving behind a wheelchair a couple of years ago) is a Diamondback Wildwood comfort bike. However, this big ol' Cadillac, complete with large baskets front and rear, is a behemoth when it comes to putting it on the bus to go the 25 miles necessary for groceries. The baskets also make it difficult to fit other bikes on the bus rack. And, I'm taking a train trip in July; I want something easy with which to travel and transfer between the train and the bus; I still can't walk well or far. I need a folder, no two ways about it. I've done my research and my homework, and while it seems Dahon and Downtube are favored often, I simply can't afford the price tag for those, particularly a multi-shifter, especially since the folder will be an occasional thing. I buy most of my groceries once a month (and yes, I can carry that much on my Wildwood) so a smaller bike will be fine for carrying the odd carton of soy milk or bag of mung beans for growing my own bean sprouts (yeah, yeah, I'm one of those kind of chicks). :p I plan to place a bike order in a few days, after I've been duly counseled by those of you who have the experience to guide me.

Thanks for your advice; I look forward to meeting you through your posts. Namaste'.

vmaniqui 05-06-09 08:39 AM

have you checked Craigslist ? sometimes they have Dahons at a good price. some people on this forum owned a citizen miami and heard so many good things about their bike. i myself owned a citizen tokyo and i love it. couldn't think of anyone who has schwinn though....

Teewacket 05-06-09 03:40 PM

Yeah, I've been watching CL and other sites, but on the rare occasion that a folder is offered for sale, it's always been a high-end, very expensive bike. If money weren't a factor, I'd definitely be interested, but I live on a very fixed income (until my first book sells, anyway). More and more, I'm leaning towards that pretty pink Citizen. Would someone please mind explaining the difference in the handlebars of the Citizen vice those of the Schwinn? I've read somewhere (I've gotten lost with so much valuable information available here) that the Schwinn has "fixed" handlebars. How is that different from the Citizen, and what makes it a detriment? Thanks. :)

Ricky in Jersey 05-07-09 10:24 PM

"Fixed" basically means that you can't adjust them. There is no mechanism that always you to customize them to your paticular, desired riding position.

With your budget, you may check out the Flying Pigeon folder. I have one, and have been very happy with it. Check out the thread here. You can probably get one for $110 or so.

Teewacket 05-08-09 10:02 AM

I couldn't resist any longer; I went ahead and ordered the Citizen. It should be here next week, and I am SO stoked. :)

JCFlack 05-09-09 07:20 AM

trider posted photos of the Miami bikes that he and his wife ride here: They really like them.

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