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Flitzer 05-06-09 05:51 PM

Building a smallwheel
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I was intrigued by Raxel's smallwheel post so here is my version. After a lot of searching I found the best solution for me was the Sillgey Piccolo. It is not complete, I need to do some adjusting. I also have to find the best handlebar position. My only disappointment was the number of Sillgey decals on the bike. Looks like a billboard on wheels. A derailleur hanger was added by Circle A Cycles of Providence, RI and they also cut the headtube for me. I wanted something different from the stock frame.

LittlePixel 05-07-09 02:55 PM

Very bling! Can you not remove some of the decals with a bit of hot air and patience from a hair dryer or similar?

Flitzer 05-07-09 04:27 PM

Removing decals
I might try that but there may be too many layers of clear coat. Will test one of the chain stays first.

KitN 05-07-09 04:45 PM

I agree. I don't like tons of branding and decals on a bike. One simple, tasteful decal/branding is more than enough.

Gently peel the decals off (like I did), use alcohol or simply call up Sillgey and ask them how to safely remove them.

jur 05-07-09 04:58 PM

Very nice indeed!

I also dislike too many labels. Cannondale are guilty too. I think it rude to plaster someone's property with what boils down to advertising. What really gets me going is if a car place sticks their sticker on my car rear window. But enough of that.

Top gear isn't all that high on your bike...? Nice seatpost too! Did you have all the alum thingies anodised?

Lots and lots of spokes. Those wheels will never ever break.

Flitzer 05-07-09 06:25 PM

Top gear
I was working with what I had available. After I get some miles on it I will think about a larger chainring.

maranen 05-08-09 02:04 AM

Looks fantastic:thumb:

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