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Texas Doc 05-06-09 07:35 PM

Slingshot folding road bike?
Anyone has a slingshot folding road bike?
if yes please share your review! I am considering buying one to use when I travel, but I'd like to hear some opinions first.

Lalato 05-08-09 06:57 AM

I haven't seen any reviews of it on this forum. It's a neat looking bike though.


Gotte 05-08-09 10:51 AM

I can't say anything about the ride, but I've seen a number on ebay, recently, being sold for about 600. Don;t now what that says about anyhting.

folderfan 05-08-09 08:40 PM

I have a 650c folding Slingshot. In the '90's I travelled overseas and to California with it. Rides great, easy to fold and unfold. Climbs like a yak. The standover became to aggressive for me....:(

pibach 05-09-09 06:29 AM

Here's a thread with lots of pics and info:

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