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djgonzo007 05-06-09 09:21 PM

Dahon headset wobble solved...
Since I purchased my D7 (from private party) there has been a slight wobble seemingly coming from the headset. I searched the Dahon forums and tried the fix suggested but that didn't work so I gave in and took it to the LBS that is a Dahon dealer. In less than a couple of minutes he had the problem solved! It was a simple adjustment (tightening) of the clasp that secures the handlepost. My D7 now rides solid and smooth, no wobble!

jur 05-06-09 11:22 PM

Great, thanks for the feedback!

neilfein 05-07-09 07:24 AM

This is a common problem with Dahon handleposts. On the advice of someone from this forum, I carry a tool to tighten it up periodically.

Now if I could only figure out how to tighten the frame hinge joint without making it difficult to fold.

JCFlack 05-08-09 05:58 AM

Same problem with my Citizen Tokyo, and same solution - thanks KitN for the advice.

phoebejo 05-11-09 06:11 AM

My 2007 MuSL has had chronic headset wobble from two sources. First, the white plastic clamp adjustment bolt loosens on its own, but locktite fixes that for a year or so. Second, I've had to replace the headseat bearings twice. The first time, I let it go too long and the bottom sealed bearing blew completely. It made for a very sloppy ride, downright dangerous. The second time a year later I caught it sooner. Both my local bike shops had the right bearings in stock, even the one that doesn't carry folders. Crane Creek 1 1/8" Z6 Z2 or something like that.

Watch those headsets! You can distinguish headset from handlebar lock by tightening down the handlbar clamp, popping the handlebars back up, tightening in the front brake and looking for wiggle in the headset area.

Good luck, all.

alex224 01-13-16 04:19 AM


I've lookong for headset replacement for my Dahon Speed P8. Anybody knows if any semi-integrated headset is valid for Dahon?


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