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feijai 05-11-09 12:06 AM

Brooks Saddle Dissapointment
So I got an old Brooks B72 Saddle for $1. It's a handsome piece of work, but is double-railed and so required a "seat sandwich" ($15). Yes, the seat sandwich costs 15x the saddle. Sadly, the Brooks's rails aren't quite parallel, resulting in a slight bit of tension on the Seat Sandwich which in turn results in enough give that the microadjust stem tends to change angle suddenly. But if that were the issue it's be fixable. Sadly my Brooks has other problems. First, it's slippery as all get out. Second, it's surprisingly uncomfortable for me. Too wide? Wrong shape? I can't tell. But my Tikit's default Cloud 9 saddle is significantly better.


ChiapasFixed 05-11-09 12:28 AM

a brooks takes a few (sometimes 100+) kms to break in by molding itself to your anatomy, so I would not give up quite yet. Somebody else breaking it in dosent count, as their anatomy is different!
Get yourself a standard seat tube, tighten the saddle down, and ride, man ride!
p.s: some say it is beneficial to actually wet the saddle a bit for the first few rides to allow it to mold itself to your backside quicker. Never had to do this myself. Never used anything but a B-17 either...

Lewis Butler 05-11-09 03:01 AM

Even at $16 I think you got a steal, Sheldon has a some good tips on breaking a saddle in.

rhm 05-11-09 06:54 AM

You might want to post some pictures of your saddle, either here or in the Classic & Vintage forum, and let us self-styled experts weigh in. It could be your saddle has already conformed to someone else's anatomy; if that's the case, and the previous owner's anatomy was very different from yours, it may never be comfortable for you. Based on what you've told us so far, we can't tell you anything.

vik 05-11-09 07:27 AM

Not every saddle works for everyone - no matter how well made. If you got a saddle that normally costs $100 for $1 that's a deal even if you needed a $15 accessory to make it work.

If the shape is wrong for you not much you can do about it. Nor can someone online assess that aspect of a saddle. I'd ride it a bit more and if it doesn"t improve ditch it.

The saddle will not be as slippery when used a while and I point my Brooks saddles slightly upwards at the nose so I do not slide forward in any case.

Although I really like my Brooks saddles [I own 4 B-17's] I never assume they work as well for my friends. I do recommend them as an option for people not satisfied with their current saddle, but I leave it up to them to give it a try. So currently I have lent out a B-17 to a friend so she can try it and see if it might work for her.

badmother 05-11-09 11:01 AM

I`ve got a B72 for my new dogbike and it is great. On my "BMX folder" the same seat is not so great, wrong ridingposition.

We need to see a picture of your present setup. First of all you need the nose to point up as already said. Also remeber this saddle was made for a "sit up and beg" riding position, that is your saddle should be lower than your handlebars. Also it is not made for a stretched out riding position.

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