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zpl 06-03-09 12:39 PM

Folding bike dealers in Boston?

I have a friend living in the Boston/Brookline area who would like to try out some affordable (< $1k) folding bikes. Can anyone recommend any knowledgeable dealers in the area I could direct him to?



mconlonx 06-04-09 05:50 AM

Harris Cyclery out in Newton sells Bike Friday Tikits--the base model is right at the edge of your stated budget.

atom bomb 06-04-09 06:33 AM

Harris also has Brompton, I think. Also Wheelworks has Dahons. Not many to test ride, though.

Flitzer 06-04-09 07:07 AM

Folders in the Boston area
Cambridge Bicycle has a couple of models. Also you might have him/her try Montague they have 30 day test rides.

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