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terminal_stance 06-09-09 06:29 AM

Info re: Daytona Folding Bikes
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Just bought my first folder off ebay (think I got a bargin but how knows....).

Plan is to clean it up then hit the streets.

The bike is branded Daytona but google searches are giving me nothing... The owner commented that it may have originally come from the UK but he was unsure.

Can anyone tell me the origin/ any details on the bike? It's a single speed with cable operated 'handbrake' on the rear wheels and standard cable brake on the front.

Image is below:

Many thanks,


ChainlessRev 06-09-09 08:16 AM

Sorry I don't have the history of the bike but curious as to how it folds. Can't really tell from the picture. Does it fold where the main tube meets the seat tube?

terminal_stance 06-14-09 10:47 PM


Sorry bout that, it's a pretty bad picture. Folds just in front to the seat post tube, similar to a Raleigh Twenty.


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