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tartare 06-09-09 03:20 PM

Interesting discovery on my Birdy
I "repatriated" my Birdy to Germany for a long term consulting gig, and just took it to a local dealer/shop to get it tuned up.

Bought mine at Black Dog for a discounted price and really liked it... but once I talked to the shop folks here in Germany, they pointed out to me that the bike had 6 gears and 9 on the back wheel....

At the end of it, I spent 200 Euro and now have the bike that I expected to own plus one extra gear. And, I saved perhaps 150$ total on the retail price.

The moral of the story is that the rumors of cobbled together Birdy's from Black Dog appear to be true. Still a good guy to deal with, but my Birdy was obviously a bit of a Frankenstein.

Oh well, I guess I'll get obsessed about weight and parts now. What's the record? 8kg?

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