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dubesor 06-11-09 01:00 PM

550A Tires?
I recently got a 70s-era Peugeot NS folding bike in cool orange. The trouble is, one of the original tires (with nice white sidewalls) is totally cracked and I need a replacement.

The tire size is 550A (490mm), which seems tough to find. The only merchants I found on the intertubes are Harris Cyclery and Bike World USA and their tires wouldn't look super nice on this lil bike.

Does anyone know where else one could find tires in this size? Especially NOS in decent shape ...

If you know of any places in Canada, you get extra cool points!

rcschafer 06-11-09 01:14 PM

That's funny, I've got a green Pug folder on the way! (discussed here.)

Schwalbe makes the HS 166 which is a gumwall 22 x 1 3/8 that should look pretty good on our bikes. I'm going to try to order a set through my LBS. appears to have them as well.

dubesor 06-11-09 01:39 PM

your bike looks super similar to mine, just in better shape :)
thanks for the tire tip, that's a great price. i hope they'll deliver to canada!

Bheleu 08-11-09 01:06 PM

How well did they turn out? I'm thinking of getting some for our folder (got it for $100 off Craigs). The HS166 is 35-60 PSI tires, and what info I could gather without calling Harris is the Kenda tires are 40 PSI (Kenda's wheelchair tires). I'd rather have the gumwall with the higher PSI (I think) unless you can tell me differently on how well they worked out for you.


LittlePixel 08-11-09 04:56 PM

These are reasonably easy to source in the uk (I recently got three for a Pashley trike build; Shipping to Canuckistan would bump up the price a bit though....

SJS are a really good shop - perhaps you can negotiate slow over-sea shipping to save a little?

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