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giskard 06-12-09 04:46 PM

Dahon MuP8 frame latch adjustment
My 2007 model Dahon MuP8 makes an intermittent squeaking noise which I think is coming from the frame clamp/latch which locks without much force when unfolding the bike so I'm guessing some adjustment is needed?

The section of the manual that deals with adjustment of the frame latch mentions a certain amount of force (I think it was 3-6 kgs?) needed to close/lock the frame latch when it's correctly adjusted, but my question is, how do I determine that force when carrying out my own adjustments to ensure that I've done it correctly?

Any advice and info about adjusting the handlepost clamp and frame clamp much appreciated.



AEO 06-12-09 06:07 PM

should feel about the same or slightly stiffer than when closing an open cam QR skewer on a wheel.

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