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SesameCrunch 10-08-09 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by cbinfl (Post 9822847)
The "Nova" arrived and all is well. A really nice bike. Checked everything and ready to go out of the box, Just air in the tires and adjust the seat and handlebar. A quick ride about an hour ago, 2 mi. +/-. It's 92' right now here in FLorida. I'm very pleased.

Dude! :notamused:

We need pictures and more details!!! 'Cmon. You're the first person on here with one. We need to know....

cbinfl 10-09-09 06:49 PM

Another short trip tonight. 5 mi plus. Comfortable and fast enough in the top gear for me. Maybe young guys would want a front derailer ? I'm an old timer so it's great for cruising around. If I get a photo this weekend I'll try and post it, but it looks just like the website photos. I have the green one.


rekall 10-11-09 10:21 PM

i've had downtube on my radar for a while now and while dr. yan has always scored high marks for me in terms of pricing, features, craftsmanship -- my personal preference was for a folder with No suspension and a simplified drivetrain (6 or 7sp as opposed to 8sp)... i just saw the nova on (i revisit the site every once in a while, as i said, 'on my radar') and i have no further reason to hesitate getting a proper folding bike (current one is a vintage pierce-arrow/motobecane) As Soon As Possible... compare the downtube nova to the citizen gotham:

1 pound lighter, and $5 cheaper, and in my opinion, the build quality is a little better on the downtube (of course, dr. yan takes his bicycles very personally). the hinge is a licensed dahon part!

someone in this thread asked for better product photos, and here they are:

and someone else was lamenting the use of a 7sp freewheel... i can speak from experience that it's Very simple to replace a 7sp freewheel with a 7sp freehub (i just did this myself on my jamis trail xr)... though a 20" wheel pre-built around a freehub might be difficult to locate, if you ever Do have an irresistible desire to upgrade the drivetrain, getting a 20" rim, freehub of your choosing (shimano 7sp) and then hiring a local bike shop to do the wheel build for you is always an option. if you get the parts yourself (rim, hub and cassette), expect to pay $50-75 for the wheel build. i HIGHLY recommend for the parts.

rekall 10-11-09 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by Bontrager (Post 9609115)
I'm noticing that there is no stem - Just a handlepost and handlebars. This might be a dealbreaker for taller riders or riders that might want to sit more hunched over.

in that photo i see two QR's, one to release the hinge for folding, and another to adjust and lock in the handlebar height. so it's adjustable.

cbinfl 10-12-09 08:52 AM

Took the bike to St Pete yesterday. There was a bike get together down by the pier. Walked around for about an hour and then some riding for another hour or so. Only one folder that i saw, a "Curve". Nice finish with 16' wheels and fenders. I'm very happy with the Nova. Just right for my kind of riding. As to fit, I'm 5'10" and 180 lb with a 32 " inseam. Seat post is near it's max and the stem is at the minimum. Fits well. A plus, when folded it rolls pretty well with the seat as a handle. A question, what's the difference between a freewheeland a freehub ?

akcapbikeforums 10-12-09 09:09 AM

We all would still really love to see pics of your bike along with a more full review.

cbinfl 10-12-09 10:56 AM

4 Attachment(s)
OK here are some photos. Not sure what you mean by review, I'm pleased so far. Might look for a better seat at some point. But for a 2-2 1/2 hour ride it isn't bad at all. Not very tech savvy but i did google freewheel and freehub, so thats settled.

akcapbikeforums 10-12-09 12:15 PM

Thanks for the pics!

JimBeans83 10-16-09 04:11 AM

Why would someone want to buy the Nova when a Dahon Eco with 5yr/life warranty costs the same? Performance has 10-20% coupons all the time.

Has fenders too. If that nova uses Dahon technology, they must be comfortable with Dahon quality.

edwong3 10-16-09 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by JimBeans83 (Post 9867632)
Why would someone want to buy the Nova when a Dahon Eco with 5yr/life warranty costs the same? Performance has 10-20% coupons all the time

Huh...maybe they buy the Nova because it's lighter, or they prefer to support the smaller business, or perhaps they just like the looks of the Nova better, and it's available in three different colors. I guess there are similar reasons why everyone in the world doesn't buy one brand of automobiles or breakfast cereal.

Edward Wong III
Qile Duo 5 Speed 20" Folder

akcapbikeforums 10-17-09 06:52 AM

It's a good point JimBeam... the Eco 3 and Nova seem comparable; it would not be unreasonable to cross shop the two bikes.

tedi k wardhana 10-17-09 10:34 PM

just recently, this nova entered the indonesian market.
and just last night I had a chance to test ride a friend's freshly bought nova.
the ride is nice, it came with rather slim tires, so may be it is targeted to run fast on asphalt.
the handlepost hinge, I believe is a more simpler (maybe not fast action) but has the advantage of being stiffer than older style dahon's, that is put on most DLT's
I am sure this bike is really a big contender, challenger, to our local market, where it has already been filled with other Dahon licenced bikes....or even dahon eco, in the 200-300 dollar range.

what I like best is the provision of the front derailer hanger...
also the orange colour, very distinctive....

joseff 10-18-09 06:13 AM

@tedi: how much is the Nova in Jakarta?

rekall 10-19-09 04:52 AM


Originally Posted by tedi k wardhana (Post 9876949)
what I like best is the provision of the front derailer hanger...

yup. also another future upgrade option is a rear rack - the brazed-on screws/attachment points for that are there waiting for you.

Dynocoaster 10-19-09 09:33 AM

Here are the links for both, could some post these side by side, I dont know how to do it, Thanks.

cbinfl 10-22-09 06:55 PM

I'd like to add handlebar ends to my 'Nova', any suggestions that won't interfere with the foldability ? Something easily positioned or removed is what Im thinking ? I'm not very familiar with bike accesories available. Thanks in advance.

DVC45 10-25-09 10:37 AM

So, can it be rolled when folded?
' not sure if its been covered already. If so, I apologize.

cbinfl 10-25-09 06:09 PM

Bike rolls pretty. well. Seat works as a push handle when not retracted. I rode about 15 miles today. Folded and into the trunk at the end of the day. Out of the trunk and through the parking lot and up in the elevator at home. 250 ft. plus or minus. Real easy.

NormanF 10-25-09 06:31 PM

A Raleigh Twenty knock-off :(

edwong3 10-25-09 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by NormanF (Post 9923477)
A Raleigh Twenty knock-off :(

Why the sad face? Should that be a good thing? :)

Edward Wong III
Qile Duo 5 Speed 20" Folder

Dahon.Steve 10-26-09 09:30 PM

I still think it looks so close to the Dahon Speed I purchased 4 or 5 years ago. Does anyone know if the forks are steel?

DVC45 10-26-09 09:36 PM

Its now listed for $289. :(

rekall 10-27-09 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by DVC45 (Post 9931552)
Its now listed for $289. :(

so it is. i guess the $279 sticker was a summertime promotion?
from a business standpoint it's wise to increase the price slightly during the off-season to keep up with expenses.

Dynocoaster 10-27-09 11:17 AM

There is a Nova on Ebay.

Sammyboy 10-27-09 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by NormanF (Post 9923477)
A Raleigh Twenty knock-off :(

I guess you've never had a Raleigh Twenty? A) they're great bikes, and something like them on the market now would be very welcome. B) This is quite, quite different. The only real similarity is that it folds in the middle, which most folders do. The hinge is utterly different, the stem on a 20 doesn't fold, it only telescopes into the frame, the 20 has a taller seat mast etc etc etc. What do you seen as similarities?

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