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giskard 09-01-09 02:33 AM

New brake pads for Dahon Mu P8
I need to replace the brake pads on my Dahon Mu P8 and am thinking of getting a set of Koolstop pads, the salmon coloured ones or one of the combination black/salmon pads. The Koolstop web site mentions Shimano and Campag brakes, neither of which are fitted to the Mu P8 (which has Kinetix Speedstop brakes - are they Dahon-specific?) so I don't know exactly which Koolstop product I need to get to fit my bike?

Can anyone advise?

Many thanks in advance


kamtsa 09-01-09 05:44 AM


Originally Posted by giskard (Post 9592815)
...which has Kinetix Speedstop brakes - are they Dahon-specific?...

Kinetix seems to be one of Dahon's trademarks (, similar to Biologic, but probably they are compatible with some standard pads. If nobody will come with a definite answer, post here a picture of your old pads.


giskard 09-03-09 07:15 AM

Thanks for the response, I ended up also posting in the Dahon forums and got the following response, in case anyone's interested

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