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vmaniqui 09-02-09 07:42 PM

posted this on my other thread....

bummer...i almost had my hands on an excellent Dahon Helios SL owned by a lady and used briefly. seller agreed on my price and all i need is to schedule a time to pick it up. in fact she accepted my offer. then all of a sudden i received an email from her...didn't want to read it as i knew there is something going on. sure enough she said it was bought by a person that morning....i didn't know how nice the helios sl is until i started dreaming about it and thinking how nice it will be in my garage sitting next to my mu xl. with it's weight of only 18 lbs and the rolf rims.....such an awesome piece of engineering and a great bike. oh well better luck next time....on to my hunt for my next folder.....


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