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echotraveler 10-07-09 07:56 AM

Comutter tires which one?
Hello guys,

Today im buying a pair new tires, after my front tire gave, father time (44 years of service) and road abuse at their best. I ride a 1965 Moulton F-frame every day to work 14 mile round trip, enjoy every second of my commute.


for some reason (not reading what im buying) i bought 17" Schwalbe Stelvios for a moulton "s"!!! when i have 16 1 3/8 Moulton F-Frame!!:mad::twitchy:. the mechanic told me! what the hell man!:eek:
anyone interested ;)

anyway, im between Schwalbe Marathon plus at 45 each or Primo Kevlar comets at 30. the comets look more like the stelvios, but the marathons seem pretty cool too....plz tell me your opinions.

Lalato 10-07-09 08:05 AM

If you're looking for a bomb-proof tire, the Marathon will definitely work and last a long time. That said, I found the ride on them a touch harsh. I have no experience on the Primo Comet.

My only other experience on 16" tires is with Greenspeed Scorchers. These ride nicer than the Marathons, but we'll see how well they hold up over time.


feijai 10-07-09 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by Lalato (Post 9813226)
My only other experience on 16" tires is with Greenspeed Scorchers. These ride nicer than the Marathons, but we'll see how well they hold up over time.

My understanding: the scorchers are both unusually comfy and unusually quick. To be quick and have low rolling resistance, you have to either be very hard, or very flexible. To be comfy, you have to be flexible. Thus the scorchers are flexible. How do you get to be flexible? Mostly by being thin. Which means the Scorchers should wear out very fast. I don't mind that in the least: they're $40 a tire. My strategy is: let 'em wear out once every two years, who cares. They're still the best tires in 349 IMHO.

echotraveler 10-07-09 11:21 AM

im a bit confused here... i have a 16 x 1 3/8 can i use a 16 x 1 1/2? the scorchers seem like a pretty cool option...

called up a friend...i understand now...1 1/2 would be a thicker tire (bigger)...and ill have to measure my clerance from the thiniking theres not much space.

Schwinnsta 10-07-09 05:17 PM

Why not go with Schwalbe HS368 Marathons. They ride better than the plus but are not quite as flat proof. They are Kevler belted so they are relatively flat resistant. They are also $10 cheaper a tire.

dmnobrien 10-08-09 06:02 AM

You need to decide what's most important to you - ride, speed, flats, price, etc. It's a trade-off.

Nice ride, fast = Greenspeed Scorchers, judging by message traffic.

Bombproof = Marathon Plus

Happy medium = Marathon

I'd very much like to know how Scorcher TR (kevlar) compare to Marathons for puncture resistance. I'd like the better ride of the Scorchers, but I have to ride through lots of debris on my commute.

Hope this helps!

echotraveler 10-08-09 06:35 AM

many thnx guys!! i went whith the marathon plus, because i ride in city terraine with lots of glass bits, plus its around 100psi whish has less resistance than my current 45 psi tires.

i still want to try them scorchers, but thought they woudn't fit because ince my fenders are pretty close to the wheel already adding a 1.5 tire is a risk.

hope they get here fast!

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