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NetComrade 10-08-09 09:49 PM

Pedals for downtube FS
My left pedal went the other day, probably b/c I am a little over the recommended 200lb limit ;)
It's not complete 'gone', but it turns at an angle when you pedal, as something is off the axis.I bought a new set, which didn't fit... (wrong stem diameter)
I then put on a set that I took from another bike, only to realize today that the pedals I am replacing are foldable, and the ones I've put on are regular.

Where to get a durable replacement that won't cost an arm and a leg?

vincentnyc 10-08-09 10:05 PM

pedals only cost $3.87

but the shipping is a bit shady, only option is expedited shipping for: $13.83

dschwarz 10-09-09 07:57 AM

Well those are cheap, but I would not expect they would be any more durable than the ones Downtube sells stock. Maybe try some alloy pedals this time? MKS is a good brand. Those $27 pedals are part-alloy. For full alloy folding pedals you'll spend more.

I prefer MKS EZY quick detachable pedals to the folding pedals (they allow me to attach PowerGrips), here is an example of those, but they do cost a lot.

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