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procon 10-09-09 04:45 PM

new foldie prototype
FYI, "The Contortionist" which recently won a Dyson Design Award.

lz4005 10-09-09 04:54 PM

There were threads about this bike months ago. There is no connection between the pedals and wheel, there are no brake calipers. You will notice in the video that he never pedals, never brakes. It will never be manufactured, it is a terrible design.

LittlePixel 10-09-09 06:54 PM

It's design for the sake of it. There was some fella with folding wheels a couple of years ago. Tend to be engineering students looking for problems where there aren't any because they're cocky and young - which is all well and good - you need that hunger to become a good designer - but this bike isn't really gonna do it as it does indeed solve some problems but throws twenty new ones into the mix in the process. Way too many fail points in the way the frame is built, there is no drive-train (I appreciate this is a prototype - but how would it ever have one?) and the seatpost is totally non-adjustable. I do however, like the handlebars - but they're made of billet and not something I'd ever see easily transferring into an extruded production version so easily.

Just my 2 - thanks for sharing it - it is interesting, even if flawed!

rench123 10-09-09 07:11 PM

Oh no, not this piece of [email protected] again!

This bike deserves an award for marketing, not for design. It was shortlisted, got into the semifinals, but it did not really win the Dyson award.

ChainlessRev 10-12-09 06:31 AM

procon 10-12-09 02:08 PM

oops sorry! I did a search for "contortionist" but missed the old thread.

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